September 29, 2012 : Aerosmith VersaPins Equal Labor Savings

Aerosmith VersaPins Equal Labor Savings

VersaPins are the perfect solution for 16-18 gauge steel applications. They enable you to save time over screws, powder actuated, and other time consuming installation methods. The speed of a pneumatic nail gun makes attaching gypsum board, Hardie siding, and lath to steel easier than ever. These ballistic point steel pins are designed to quickly and cleanly penetrate the steel allowing it to rebound back around the fastener to provide the maximum holding power available. VersaPins are made with unique grades of steel that are hardened with a unique heat treating process making them ductile and extremely strong.   Fully compliant and approved for use by James Hardie and multiple International Building Code sections including ESR-3145, ER-5667, and ESR-1641.; Feel free to contact customer service with technical or installation questions. 

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