Great for house wrap, roofing felt, foam board, and more

Button Cap Staplers

Senco BC58 Button Cap Stapler w/Case, 5/8 #BC58

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Our Price: $229.00

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Specialty Fastening Tools You Need To Know About

Specialty Fastening Tools You Need To Know About

We talk a lot about the mainstream fastening tools that most of our customers can relate to their job site, but what about the specialty tools that go beyond a traditional finish nailer or flooring stapler? That's right, we're talking about the big-guns. These tools are not available at your big box stores. They are custom built - designed with the capability to function above and beyond the norm. Sometimes, it takes a little bit more to get the job done right. Now is your chance to discover some of these tools that can make your job easier - tools that you can't just find anywhere.

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