Fasco-Maestri 7C-16 3/8” Crown Electric Stapler, 3/8” to 9/16” #63100

Qty/Box: 1
Weight: 5lbs


The Fasco-Maestri 7C-16 electric upholstery stapler, item #63100, drives 3/8” to 9/16” 22 gauge 3/8” crown staples. No air compressor is required. Includes a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. The Fasco 63100 is designed with reinforced fiberglass to offer a super durable body. The 7C-16 electric stapler provides maximum power and high fastening speed. This fine wire electric staple gun can fire up to 100 staples a minute. Additional features include a removable front plate for jam removal, rear-loading magazine with feeder, large trigger, and a safety device to prevent accidental firing. This 3/8” crown electric stapler is excellent for frame and picture construction, door and window frames, decorative trim, moldings, upholstery, furniture repair, cable sheathing, carpeting and more. Fasco's 63100 stapler can be used with BeA 71 Series staples, Spotnails 71 Series staples, or Senco C-Series staples. The Fasco-Maestri 7C-16 is comparable to the Duo-Fast EIC-3118 electric stapler, but runs a different series of staple.

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