June 29, 2012 : How to use a nail gun

How to use a nail gun

One of the greatest parts about weekends is having the chance to renovate your home. Whether you’re putting up new crown molding in the kitchen, building a new patio, or simply building a book case for the living room, one thing is for sure, a nail gun is going to save you a lot of time and energy. Before you begin using one, safety must be of the utmost importance, which means that knowing how to use a nail gun is of utmost importance. Below we’ve walked you through the basic instructions of how to use two of the most common types of nail guns.


Strip Nailers


To use a strip nailer begin by pulling back the magazine follower to prepare for loading then insert proper nails into the magazine. Some nail guns load from the top while others load from the rear. After inserting nails, release the magazine follower to allow for tension on the nails. Now is when you will want to attach your air line to the gun.

To fire, most nailers will require the safety to be depressed onto your application while pulling the trigger at the same time.

Two modes of operation are available, bump fire and sequential operation. Bump firing will eliminate the need to release and pull the trigger each time.

Most but not all nailers feature an adjustable depth of drive. This allows for flush driving or countersink.


Coil Nailers


To use a coil nailer, begin by opening the magazine basket and front door latch. Inside of the basket will be an adjustable nail tray. Be sure to set the tray for the length of fastener you are using, this will allow for optimal performance.

Insert nails in the magazine basket. Towards the nose of the tool you will find a feed pawl. The feed pawl guides nails into the chamber. Be sure to align the collation wire and nail head into the proper grooves.

Close magazine basket and door latch, attach your air line and follow the same steps as listed above in order to fire.

As is the case with most electronic tools, the cordless types of these tools work slightly differently.
While these steps may seem simple, it is important to know exactly how to use  nail guns in order to have the most efficient, and safest, experience possible.



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