November 24, 2015 : Introducing Dewalt's All-New Pneumatic Nailers & Staplers

Introducing Dewalt's All-New Pneumatic Nailers & Staplers

New from Dewalt, pneumatic nailers and staplers like never before. A full selection of air-powered nailers and staplers - designed for applications in finishing, framing, siding and more. Tools that are built to last, Dewalt stands behind each of these new tools with a seven-year manufacturer’s warranty. So, let's dig into the Nail Gun Network and see what's new in pneumatics.
Dewalt Pneumatic Nailers 
We'll start with Dewalt’s latest claim to fame, Precision Point technology. What exactly is Precision Point, you ask? Precision Point technology allows for precise nail placement, thanks to a smaller, tighter nose design – compared to current Dewalt nailers. Among the recently launched Precision Point finishing nail guns, choose between a 15 gauge DA angled finish nailer (DWFP72155), 16 gauge finish nailer (DWFP71917), and 18 gauge brad nailer (DWFP12233). With Precision Point finish nailers, there's no need to compress the contact trip when firing, simply shoot. Get a better drive when working with the following applications, which include baseboards, cabinetry, furniture, trim, window and door installation.
Dewalt DWFP72155 
Then, there's the collection of new Dewalt framing nail guns, which include a 15 degree coil framing nailer (DW325C), 21 degree plastic collated framing nailer (DW325PL), and 30 degree paper tape framing nailer (DW325PT). For hard to reach spaces, the DW325PL and DW325PT feature a compact design that allows them to fit into tight areas. The DW325C features a lightweight, aluminum body - that is still durable enough to withstands falls. Grab any of these Dewalt nailers for framing, sheathing and decking applications - and experience the Dewalt difference.
Dewalt DW325PT 
If you're looking for a stapler, Dewalt's got you covered too. New models include a 16 gauge wide crown lathing stapler (DW450S2), and an 18 gauge cap stapler (DWSL18CAP). The DW450S2 features a power control valve, which can adjust power up to 30%, for precise fastener placement. This 16 gauge construction stapler is great for construction-lathing, industrial-furniture packaging, roofing felt, housewrap, butt joints and more. For applications that require a plastic cap and staple, the Dewalt DWSL18CAP drives 5/16” crown SL style staples in tandem with plastic caps - ideal for applications installing roofing felt, housewrap and thin foam.
Dewalt DW450S2 
Last, but certainly not least, Dewalt has a new metal connector nailer (DWMC150), and coil siding & fencing nailer (DW66C-1). At only 10.5” tall, the DWMC150 can fit inside 12” on-center joists, as well as other tight areas. On the other hand, the Dewalt DWMC150 is excellent for strapping, joist hangers, post bases and caps, and anchors. The DW66C-1 includes a smooth rubber foot to help prevent damage to a work surface. Applications for the Dewalt DW66C-1 include fiber cement siding, wood siding, fencing, decking and sheathing.
Dewalt Metal Connector Nailer 
All-in-all, quality seems to be the focus with these new Dewalt nailers and staplers. With several new cordless tools coming too, are you ready to give yellow a shot? 
~The Team At Nail Gun Depot

November 17, 2015 : Early Release - Black Friday & Cyber Monday On Nail Gun Depot

Early Release - Black Friday & Cyber Monday On Nail Gun Depot

Like it or not, we're just a few short weeks away from the most wonderful time of the year. To kick-start the holiday season at Nail Gun Depot, we're doing Black Friday and Cyber Monday like never before. Skip the crowds on Black Friday (November 27th, 2015), and snag an even better deal at Nail Gun Depot. We'll have doorbuster deals from some of our most popular brands, the day after Thanksgiving. Then, stop back on Cyber Monday (November 30th, 2015), for site-wide savings on our top tools. Whether you're into upholstery, work with finish and trim, or do flooring installation; we'll have our lowest prices of the year on our most popular tools. 
Here's a peek at some of the deals you will find on Nail Gun Depot. Check back next week, when we release pricing, availability and more.

Black Friday (November 27th)

PLUS, $25 off when spending $500 or more -- AND, all orders placed on Black Friday will be automatically entered to win a brand-new Hitachi Bluetooth radio. One customer will be selected at random to win the radio - winner will be announced on Tuesday December 1st.

Cyber Monday (November 30th)

Site-wide savings on our top selling tools -- PLUS another opportunity to win a brand-new Hitachi radio.

Take another 5% off your order with use of promo code -- AND, all orders placed on Cyber Monday will be automatically entered to win a brand-new Hitachi Bluetooth radio. One customer will be selected at random to win the radio - winner will be announced on Tuesday December 1st.

Wishing A Happy Start To The Holiday Season,
The Team At Nail Gun Depot

November 10, 2015 : Putting Your Tool In A Tank Full of Sharks

Putting Your Tool In A Tank Full of Sharks

The stakes grew for some, at the STAFDA (Specialty Tools And Fasteners Distributors Association) convention this year, in Phoenix. Literally speaking, we would never recommend putting your tool in a tank full of sharks, but for some manufacturers at the show, they did just that. Of course, there wasn't any water, and the sharks didn't bite off limbs - but they were hungry for the latest and greatest tools and accessories.
Have you guessed which sharks we're talking about yet?
STAFDA Show Sign 
That's right, the stars of the hit television series "Shark Tank" made a guest appearance at the 2015 STAFDA show - shopping for the next great innovation.
Outside the shark tank, there were several other new tools worth mentioning, several of which can be found on Nail Gun Depot - or will be available on the site in the near future. In addition to our announcement regarding the transition of Duo-Fast SureShot tools to OMER replacement models, we have also gotten word that Powernail will offer several comparable replacement tools to compensate for discontinued Duo-Fast items. Among the new Powernail tools offered on Nail Gun Depot, look for the Powernail HT-755 hammer tacker, which replaces the Duo-Fast HT-755 slap stapler; and the Powernail Model 5418E electric carpet stapler, to replace the Duo-Fast Carpet Pro electric carpet tacker.
HT-755 Hammer Tacker 
Of course, you read about the Dewalt DCN660 series Li-Ion cordless finish nailer, in our post last week. Look for a full-line of all-new Dewalt pneumatic nailers and staplers to arrive on Nail Gun Depot, just in time for the holidays. Choose between air-powered finish nailers with Precision Point technology, framing nailers, staple guns and more.
Dewalt Pneumatic Nailers 
Last, but certainly not least, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel. We'll be posting several new videos in the coming weeks, to help answer some of our most frequently asked questions about tools, fasteners - and more.
~The Team At Nail Gun Depot

November 3, 2015 : Introducing Dewalt's DCN660 Series Cordless Finish Nailer

Introducing Dewalt's DCN660 Series Cordless Finish Nailer

Dewalt fans rejoice. Introducing the widely anticipated DCN660, 20V MAX 16 gauge cordless angled finish nailer, by Dewalt. A game changer for the brand, the DCN660 series runs exclusively on lithium-ion battery power - eliminating the need for fuel cells, regular cleaning and related maintenance. Just snap the battery into place and start working. 
Dewalt DCN660 
Dewalt's DCN660 finish nailer is built around their 20V MAX brushless motor - which means improved performance, a lighter weight design, and longer run-time for the end user. How much lighter you ask? Try 27 percent lighter than the comparable Dewalt DC618. Weighing in at only six pounds WITH battery, arm fatigue shouldn't become an issue for some time.
Other goodies on the DCN660 include tool-free depth adjustment, tool-free jam release, tool-free stall release, multi-functional LED lights, select actuation (choose between bump and sequential fire), adjustable belt hook, no mar tips, and trigger lock-out. And don't forget, this tool can drive up to four nails per second.
Just like the Dewalt Li-Ion cordless framing nailer (which has also been refreshed for Q4 of 2015), the DCN660 comes in two variations, the DCN660D1 and the DCN660B. The DCN660B is your bare-bones, tool-only model, and does not include a battery or charger. For someone who already has a Dewalt 20V MAX battery and charger, this will be your budget friendly option. HOWEVER, for slightly more, we recommend getting the DCN660D1, which comes with battery, charger and carrying case. After all, as any contractor will tell you, it never hurts to have an extra battery.
Just like any other 16 gauge angled finish nailer, look for Dewalt's DCN660 series tool to excel in applications that include door and window trim, paneling, baseboards, casing, crown molding, cabinetry, door jambs and more.
The DCN660 is a new release item for Dewalt, and isn't expected to be in-stock until 2016. Nail Gun Depot is taking pre-order requests for these tools, so be sure to grab one of the first available, by ordering early.
~The Team At Nail Gun Depot



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