October 21, 2014 : Top Resources for Tool Testing & Comparison

Top Resources for Tool Testing & Comparison

Looking for a comprehensive overview of features, quality and value for your next fastening tool? Want an expert opinion? Getting the answers you need can be easier than many think - especially in the Internet Age. Let's take a look at some of NGD's favorite sources for tool and fastener reviews. Tested first by the pros - so you can get the best in quality and value.
For those that still rely on print publications for tool news, these magazines have become a "staple" in workshops across the country:
Journal of Light Construction - One of the most trusted sources for tool reviews, the Journal of Light Construction (JLC) provides construction industry insight - with a heavy emphasis on the tools that power your projects. Get tips, tricks and unbiased knowledge from the pro's of this industry. JLC covers a wide variety of tools, including reviews for Senco, Bostitch, Hitachi, MAX and other key players within the fastening tool segment. Issues reflect specific industries including roofing, flooring, framing and more.
Tools of the Trade - A sister publication to JLC, Tools of the Trade (TOTT) strictly focuses on the tools that power construction, renovation and manufacturing operations. Also recognized as a trusted source, TOTT is only published twice per year. However, its online database keeps content available year-round, should you have a specific tool you are researching. Both TOTT and JLC offer in-depth, rigorous tool comparison tests.
Pro Tool Reviews - Another publication that shares its space in print as well as online, Pro Tool Reviews features reviews and analysis of many popular tools within the fastening industry. Covering all tool segments, Pro Tool Reviews is a great source for tool information - from manual hand tools to power fastening devices. They are also known for their annual innovation awards, where they recognize the best of the best newly launched tools each year.
Maybe you are more in-tune with the blogosphere? For those that are tech savvy, there's a plethora of tool blogs to choose from - including our own of course! While we have a laundry list of great choices to recommend, we have selected three that frequently review and reference nail guns, staple guns, screw guns, air compressors and other tools pertinent to fastening. A few of our top picks, be sure to check out Tool Skool, Tool Box Buzz and HomeFixated. All three of these online resources are run by industry experts - so you can rest assured you are getting an accurate and educated representation of the tools you need. With project ideas, tool reviews and much more available - be sure to take some time to see what the bloggers have to say about your tool too.
Nail Gun Network Logo 
Looking for expert knowledge specific to nailers, staplers and screw fastening systems? You can find new tool releases, how-to projects, tool demos, buyer's guides and more - right here on Nail Gun Depot's very own Nail Gun Network. We combine the best tool and fastener information available - announcing up-to-date facts and features on new product-lines, right as they launch. Whether you are looking for a new project to tackle, tips on getting the most out of your tools, or simply want to stay current on tool and fastener news - we've got it all.
Have an idea or suggestion for the Nail Gun Network? Let us know at Sales@NailGunDepot.com.
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October 14, 2014 : New Tools on Nail Gun Depot

New Tools on Nail Gun Depot

Want to stay updated on what's new in the tool and fastener industry? As part of our commitment to providing the latest and greatest in power fastening tools, Nail Gun Depot is excited to announce the following recently launched tools, now on NGD.
Fein ASCS6.3 
Let's start with an innovative - the first of its kind - cordless screw gun motor for QuikDrive, powered by Fein. The Fein ASCS6.3 cordless motor for QuikDrive auto-feed screw fastening systems is compatible with ALL QuikDrive auto-feed attachments, thanks to a pre-installed QuikDrive adapter - bringing a whole new level of compatibility to the QuikDrive family of screw guns. An 18V Li-Ion battery powers the system, eliminating the need for power cords and electrical outlets on the job site. Drive more than 600, 3" deck screws per battery charge. A high-output, brushless EC motor runs up to 266 in/lb-feet, featuring an efficient and maintenance-free design. To top this package off, the Fein ASCS6.3 includes a three-year warranty on the motor and batteries, when registering your tool online.
QuikDrive PRO300S 
Another addition to the QuikDrive line up, be sure to check out the QuikDrive PRO300M25K wood decking kit. Just in time to finish up your deck building project before the winter, the PRO300M25K drives special 1-1/2" to 3" collated Deck-Drive screws into wood deck surfaces. The PRO300SM25K kit includes the QuikDrive PRO300S auto-feed decking attachment, an extension for stand up driving, a decking nose clip for consistent screw placement, a quiver for keeping screws at your fingertips, rugged tool case, and Makita screw driver motor. Item includes a manufacturer's lifetime warranty.
Senco SCN63LDXP 
Moving to a tool for specialized use, Senco has launched the SCN63LDXP structural foam insulation nailer, capable of driving 15 degree, 2-3/8" to 2-1/2" wire coil framing nails. Designed specifically for the installation of continuous structural foam insulation panels, the SCN63LDXP Coil Nailer drives nails through up to 1” thick foam insulation panels. The Senco SCN63LDXP features a long drive lock out, ensuring the proper seating of a nail head - through the foam - against the substrate. The unique safety foot guide ensures proper alignment and reduces damage to the foam surface when fasteners are driven. The SCN63LDXP fastening system reduces installation time and improves productivity on the job site or for in-plant operations. Additional features on this tool include 360 degree adjustable exhaust, tool-free depth of drive adjustment, comfort grip, adjustable nail canister, e-z load design, debris shield and a five-year limited warranty from Senco. Please note this tool is to ONLY be used to install continuous foam insulation with a foam thickness of up to 1” deep - NEVER use on bare wood, metal or other hard surfaces. The drive blade will extend beyond the safety element in the actuated position. This tool is rated for Atlas ThermalStar LCi-SS insulation.
Free Paslode Car Charger 
Last, but certainly not least, be sure to check out our Paslode Halloween Spooktacular, where you get a free car charger adapter on qualifying Paslode cordless finish and trim tools. 
Your Source For Nailer News,
The Team At Nail Gun Depot

October 7, 2014 : Find the Right Pallet Nailer: The Pallet Nailer Buyer's Guide

Find the Right Pallet Nailer: The Pallet Nailer Buyer's Guide

You've probably heard of framing nailers, but what about their not-so-distant cousin, the pallet nailer? Pallet nailers look and function very similar to a framing nailer - the only difference being these special nail guns are designed for industrial applications, such as building and repairing pallets and crates. Typically available for use with coil nails, there are also a few strip nailers available for pallets and crating - such as the Bostitch BRT130, the MAX HS130 or the Fasco F91A RHN20.
Pallets & Crates 
The biggest difference that separates a pallet nailer from other types of nail guns is in its intended use - for industrial and manufacturing applications. Whereas a framing nailer is typically found on a construction site, pallet and crating nailers are typically found in warehouses or high-production facilities. These heavy-duty tools are built for high-volume use - built extra tough to handle the rigors of frequent, repetitive use for several hours at a time. Some pallet nailer variations, such as the MAX CN70PAL (available for special order only, on NGD), are built with specific applications in mind. The CN70PAL is an identical tool to the popular MAX CN70, the only difference being the CN70PAL is missing its magazine. Eliminating the magazine on this tool allows it to become extra versatile - for automated manufacturing use.
Our top picks for pallet nailing applications, check out a variety of different models available from Everwin, MAX and Senco. With several models available, depending on the fastener size desired, each of these manufacturers has something special to offer its end user.
Coil Nails 
Known for quality and cost-effectiveness, Everwin is a relatively new brand to the market - but don't let that fool you, these tools are built with a high level of quality and integrity. Get the quality and durability of other name brands - at a fraction of the cost. Choose between the Everwin PN57, the PN57PP, the PN70 or the PN100 - with additional models expected to launch later this month.
Everwin Pallet Nailers 
A familiar name in framing, pallet nailing and roofing - MAX offers a lineup of time-tested, industry proven pallet and crate nail guns. Choose between the MAX CN55, the MAX CN70, the MAX CN80, the MAX CN100 and the previously mentioned MAX HS130. With tools available for a range of 1" to 4" pallet nails, there is a MAX pallet nailer for every manufacturing operation.
MAX USA Tools 
Another industry-leader, Senco offers a full-line of pallet nailers including the PalletPro 57F, the PalletPro 100, the PalletPro 130 and the SCN65XP. Senco's claim to fame, look for the bright red body color on its recently updated lineup of framing and pallet tools - as well as many other Senco Brand products. Senco also offers a five-year limited warranty on some of its pallet nailers - and all of its XP series tools - so you can have the peace of mind knowing your tool will be running for years to come.
Your Pallet Nailer Leaders,
The Team At Nail Gun Depot

September 30, 2014 : Tools in Television - Nail Guns

Tools in Television - Nail Guns

If you watch television, chances are you've seen a nail gun or pneumatic fastening tool in at least one of your favorite movies or TV shows - not including renovation and remodeling shows. Just like the actors and actresses of Hollywood, some tools have also been known to take center-stage on the big screen. Let's take a look at a few famous nailers.
We start with the show "Home Improvement," a popular series that ran throughout much of the 90's. The television series was centered around a clumsy contractor that hosted his own tool and construction broadcast television show, Tool Time. Each episode included several mishaps that often landed "Tim" (played by Tim Allen) in the ER - or worse. One episode in particular included a special dedication - more affectionately referred to as a 21 Nail Gun Salute. While we absolutely DO NOT condone this behavior (for the sake of safety and property damage), Tim decided to fire off 21 nail guns simultaneously - ending in disaster. Every episode is packed with tools, DIY disasters, and a little family drama - making for an absolutely hilarious show that is appropriate for all ages.
21 Nail Gun Salute 
Moving on to a more recent series, let's look at "The Strain," which features a nail gun that is intended for much more sinister use - slaying vampires. This series is set in present day (2014), and follows a group of characters that are working to fight off a powerful new affliction that is taking over the citizens of Manhattan - and turning them into zombie-like vampires. Tools to ward these beasts off, the main characters in the series use several weapons with silver in them - a material that proves lethal to these creatures of the night. One tool in particular, a nail gun that fires silver nails can be seen frequently battling these beasts. While this is certainly a new use for the tool, it seems to prove effective for battling vampires.
Nail Gun in The Strain 
Maybe you find yourself at the cinema more than in front of a television? If that's the case, nail guns have also been known to star on the silver screen at your local movie theater. Take the movie "Lethal Weapon 2," for example. Again, the nail gun in this movie is being misused as a dangerous weapon, as one character grabs the nailer and fires it at his attacker. Other movies where a nail gun is (mis)used similarly include "The Island" and "Malice."
For contractors and woodworkers that use these tools regularly, you will notice a lot of discrepancies in the function of these tools on television. To start, don't be fooled, many of these nailers - especially those in older films and television - would require an air compressor to function. While cordless variations are available, they did not become nearly as popular until the last 10-15 years. Another important area to take into consideration is the safety mechanisms in place - even for older tools. A safety must be depressed in order for the nailer to fire. Furthermore, a bump-fire mechanism requires the nose to be depressed prior to firing - a safety feature designed to eliminate being able to fire a strip of nails off into the air.
Big Screen Blowout 
As we all know, Hollywood is packed full of stunts and special effects that embellish reality and paint a fictitious picture of a world that can only be portrayed by professional actors and actresses. It's important to remember that the safety features on your nailer or stapler are there for a reason, to reduce the risk for harm or injury. Please remember to ALWAYS use a power tool with safety first. NEVER try to replicate the scenes from your favorite movies or TV shows - leave the stunts to the professional actors, actresses and stunt coordinators in Hollywood.
Have questions about the safety features on your nailer, stapler or screw gun? Consult your owner's manual - or the manufacturer - for safety tips, recommendations, and guidelines for proper use.
NGD Big Screen Blowout 
Need a new TV to watch your favorite nail gun cameos? From October 1st, 2014 through December 15, 2014, every order confirmation number on Nail Gun Depot will count as an automatic entry to win a brand new, 40" LED television, in Nail Gun Depot's Big Screen Blowout. The more you order, the better your chance of winning, so start shopping now!
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