Nail Gun Depot Now Offers Full Line Of Fasco Scrails

Nail Gun Depot now offers a full line of Fasco Scrails. Scrails can be driven with a nail gun and featurea Phillips or Square drive head, for easy removal. This product can be used anywhere a screw could go. Scrailsoffer an extremely fast and efficient way to get the job done quickly - without having to worry about floorsqueaks or nail popping. They are twice as fast as collated screws - and eight times faster than bulk screws. Scrails are the answer to any project that demands exceptional holding power - with the potential need for disassembling.

Scrails are available in a wide variety of types and collationsincluding coil or strip, galvanized, stainless steel and a mixture of colors for composite decking. Thesefasteners are an excellent choice for decking, crating, fencing, framing, sub-flooring, manufacturedhousing, concrete forms, scaffolding, stage sets, outdoor furniture and much more!
See how Scrails work here!Fasco Scrails are in stock and ready to be shipped right to your door. For questions concerning thisexciting new product, feel free to contact one of our friendly staff members at 888-720-7892, or via chatat
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