September 1, 2015 : Why You Should Consider Buying Fasteners In Bulk

Why You Should Consider Buying Fasteners In Bulk

When is the right time to start buying your fasteners in bulk? The truth is, there isn't a one-size-fits-all answer. It really depends on the size of your operation - and your forecast for future work. For the amateur woodworker churning out a project or two every month, you probably don't need a skid of nails, when a box or two will suffice. For a contractor with several projects on the calendar - a completely different story. Let's take a deeper look, inside The Nail Gun Network. 
Collated Nails 
Buying in bulk has its advantages... and disadvantages. Take the following into account before ordering in bulk:
  • How often do I need to reorder fasteners?
  • Do I typically use the same type of fastener on multiple projects?
  • How can I lower my costs by ordering in volume?

After asking yourself these questions, consider your options. Most individuals who decide against buying fasteners in bulk determine that they either won't need to use a high volume of fasteners, don't want to spend extra money up front, or simply don't have the space to store a surplus while supply is being depleted. If you find that you're going through more than a box or two of fasteners per week, use the same type of fastener repeatedly (paper tape framing nails, coil nails, etc...), and want to cut your costs drastically - then buying your fasteners in bulk might be the right option for you.  

SureFit Nails By Skid 
Nail Gun Depot, for instance, is making it easier than ever to order your fasteners in bulk - and to kick things off, we're throwing in a free tool and free freight delivery on select SureFit skid quantity purchases - in addition to volume discounts (see offer for full details). Don't see the fastener you need? That's not a problem either, we have the capability to create special skid orders, custom to your liking. We can mix and match the fasteners you get on your skid, throw in tool deals, and even offer freight-paid delivery - so you get the nails or staples you need, delivered to your door, for one flat rate. Deals are available on full-skid and partial-skid purchases. To get started, all you have to do is contact a customer care specialist at Nail Gun Depot, by phone at 1.888.720.7892, or by email at
~The Team At Nail Gun Depot

August 25, 2015 : Paslode's All-New IM250S-Li Lithium-Ion Cordless Finish Nailer

Paslode's All-New IM250S-Li Lithium-Ion Cordless Finish Nailer

A new way to nail, we're excited to debut Paslode's all-new 16 gauge straight, lithium-ion cordless finish nailer, the IM250S-Li. We'll take you through this brand-new Paslode cordless finish nailer from top to bottom - giving an overview of new features, and letting you know where it stands in Paslode's current lineup. Find out more about Paslode's new cordless finish nailer on the Nail Gun Network.
Paslode IM250S-Li 
At this point, you might be wondering why Paslode is introducing another 16 gauge Li-Ion cordless finish nailer? After all, the IM250A-Li has proven to be wildly successful - which is the exact reason why Paslode decided to introduce a straight magazine model - enter the IM250S-Li. The IM250S-Li shares much of the same technology as its angled counterpart, the IM250A-Li - except for its magazine. Just like the IM250A (902400) replaced the aging 900600, it's anticipated that the introduction of the IM250S (916000) will lead to the eventual replacement of its NiCad battery counterpart, the 902000.
Paslode IM250S-Li App 
The introduction of lithium-ion battery power has revolutionized the way we use power fastening tools. Nail guns that previously required a heavy-duty air compressor, air hoses, fittings and other accessories, are suddenly available in variations that run without any hoses or cords. With lithium-ion batteries, tools can run longer than previous NiCad models - and other similar variations. Lithium-ion batteries hold a longer charge and offer greater driving power - all while maintaining a smaller footprint with a more compact design. Just remember, most cordless nailers require a fuel cell in addition to their battery, in order to operate.
Paslode 916000 
The Paslode IM250S-Li is no different. This 16 gauge straight cordless li-ion finish nailer is designed to drive 16 gauge straight finish nails ranging from 1-1/4" to 2-1/2" in length; featuring several new upgrades including a lightweight design, more driving power, up to 50% longer run time, and a 2-Minute quick charge feature that replenishes enough battery power to drive 200 nails. The 916000 can be fully recharged in an hour - and is capable of driving up to 6,000 nails on a full charge. For immediate use, this Paslode cordless finish nailer can hold an 80% charge after a short 20 minutes of being plugged in. Other features on the Paslode IM250S-Li include an enhanced tool-free adjustable depth of drive, no-mar tip, two position lock that conserves run time and offers added battery protection, and an easy to use drop-in fuel system. Comes with rugged carrying case, 7.4V li-ion battery and charger, and a two-year manufacturer's service promise (with proper registration). It does require a Quickload fuel cell and battery to operate.
16 gauge finish nailer apps 
When it comes to uses, this Paslode cordless finish nailer is excellent for door and window trim, paneling, baseboard, casing, crown molding, cabinetry, door jambs and more. For quality, utility and durability - the verdict is in, and the Paslode IM250S-Li looks to be an absolute straight shot.
~The Team At Nail Gun Depot

August 18, 2015 : The Nail Gun Network Media Guide - We're Expanding To Video

The Nail Gun Network Media Guide - We're Expanding To Video

The majority of our Nail Gun Network subscribers have come to expect weekly - and the occasional bi-weekly - blog updates announcing tool news, product demonstrations, tutorials and project tips. Now, they can expect even more, as we are pleased to announce the launch of our Nail Gun Network video blog.
How To Load A Framing Nailer 
Love the "traditional" blog posts? Don't worry, we'll keep those coming too. Just think of video as icing on the cake. With that said, let's take a look at what you can expect to see on the Nail Gun Network in coming weeks:
  • Video production is already underway. Our inaugural video, "How To Load A Framing Nailer", walks users through the basic steps for loading either a stick - or coil - framing nail gun. Click Here To Watch. In this episode, we'll demonstrate the necessary steps to load a framing nailer safely.
  • Be sure to subscribe to Nail Gun Depot's YouTube channel. Subscribing will ensure you get the latest video news and updates.
  • What to expect in future episodes: Look for a variety of material, ranging from basic tool demonstrations to product reviews and application guides. We'll take you from the workshop out into the field, covering a variety of topics and showcasing what we do best - fastening. Whether you are an experienced professional contractor, or an amateur DIY woodworker, we'll have something for everyone.
Keep watch for new episodes in the coming weeks - as we take Nail Gun Depot's, Nail Gun Network to the silver screen. Thanks for watching and ENJOY.
~The Team At Nail Gun Depot

August 11, 2015 : A Guide To Senco Roofing Nailers

A Guide To Senco Roofing Nailers

When it comes to the "big" nail guns - framing, roofing, siding - many contractors trust Senco to get the job done. For roofers, Senco has a couple options in their RoofPro series of roofing nailers, the 445XP and the 455XP. Find out what makes Senco RoofPro nailers unique, by exploring the Nail Gun Network.
Senco RoofPro Roofing Nailer 
What's the difference between Senco's RoofPro 445XP and 455XP roofing nailers, you ask? Well, to be honest, very little. The two tools offer a small list of subtle differences, but are very similar in how the operate overall. The biggest difference between these two pneumatic roofing nailers, air consumption. The 455XP is a slightly larger nail gun, and uses about twice as much air to keep it running. The extra air could provide slightly more driving power than the 445XP, but for many, the difference won't be significant enough to sway preference.
The Senco RoofPro 445XP coil roofing nailer (8V0001N), drives 3/4" to 1-3/4" roofing nails. With a five-year manufacturer's warranty included out of the box, the 445XP features a thumbwell adjustable depth of drive, aluminum body for durability, and a bi-metal driver blade for reduced wear. A unique two-piece firing valve allows for reduced air consumption without compromise on power or speed, and a power in/power out pneumatic feed system improves speed and delivers consistent drives. An adjustable/removable shingle guide, adjustable nail canister, comfort grip, and steel wear plates are among other options offered on this coil roofing nailer that improve usability. Combine all this with an easily serviceable design - all wearable parts are accessible from the top of tool - and you are set for success. The Senco RoofPro 445XP is perfect for asphalt and fiberglass shingle nailing, for both new roofs and re-roofing - ideal for attaching waterproof tar paper, metal drip edges, insulation board, and with a special optional attachment, vinyl and aluminum siding.
Senco RoofPro 445XP 
The Senco RoofPro 455XP air-powered coil roofing nailer (3D0101N), drives 3/4" to 1-3/4" roofing nails. Also toting a five-year manufacturer's warranty, the 455XP includes a case, oil and wrench. This roofing nailer features a tool-free adjustable depth of drive, adjustable shingle guide, aluminum body for longer life, and steel wear plates to reduce shingle wear on the tool. The Senco 455XP is specifically recommended for asphalt and fiberglass shingles, waterproof tar paper, new roofs, re-roofing, insulation board and siding - when using with a siding attachment.
Senco RoofPro 455XP 
Choose from a variety of roofing nailers, framing nailers, siding nail guns and more on Nail Gun Depot. Several manufacturers including a full-line of Senco products available to choose from. Don't wait - check them out now!
~The Team At Nail Gun Depot



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