October 6, 2015 : Announcing Pro Tool Reviews 2015 Innovation Awards

Announcing Pro Tool Reviews 2015 Innovation Awards

Every year, Pro Tool Reviews recognizes the latest and greatest tool technology, showcasing the best of the best with their annual Pro Tool Innovation Awards. This year was no different. As a 2015 sponsor, Nail Gun Depot - and the Nail Gun Network - had a chance to get up-close and personal with some of the winners.
Pro Tool Innovation Awards Logo 
See what the editors at Pro Tool Reviews say about their favorite fastening tools:

Winner – Nailers: Roofing

Beck Fastener Group Roofloc SCRAIL System

What they said: The Roofloc SCRAIL Metal Roof System from the BECK Fastener Group is a revolutionary new system for attaching metal to wood, featuring new SteelThread SCRAIL. Steelthread is a groundbreaking feature for metal roof fasteners, delivering holding power exceeding 400 lbs. They include a leak-proof washer and FasCoat coating, specifically formulated for improved corrosion resistance for exterior applications under all but extreme salinity and humidity conditions, and are available in an array of colors. Additionally, Roofloc SCRAIL fasteners offer unprecedented speed and versatility because they can be driven pneumatically, using the FASCO F58AC Roofloc L-75 tool, at a rate twice as fast as collated screws and eight times faster than bulk screws. Roofloc SCRAIL fasteners can also be easily removed using a rechargeable drill if necessary.

Fasco RoofLoc 

What we say: SCRAIL and FASCO teamed up to create yet another innovative system that was a no-brainer for our Roofing Nailer Award. For metal to wood roofing, SCRAIL’s SteelThread fasteners offer 400+ pounds of holding strength installed by pairing them with FASCO’s F58AC Roofloc L-75. Threaded holding power with pneumatic delivery – we love the time savings. Even mistakes are easily fixed with a drill.


Winner – Cordless Nailers: Fuel Cell Finish, 7.4V

Paslode 16 Ga Straight Cordless Li-ion Finish Nailer

What they said: Paslode upgraded its 16 Ga Straight Cordless Li-ion Finish Nailing System to run on a 7.4-volt Li-ion battery platform, replacing the NiCd version. The nailer allows for unparalleled power and precision, so remodeling jobs are finished right the first time. Upgrading to the 7.4-volt Li-ion battery drastically improves productivity by driving up to 12,000 nails per charge, which enables the nailer to last days without needing a recharge. At just 4.6 pounds, the Cordless Finish Nailer is lighter than most competitive power nailers, offering comfort and control when doing overhead work on door and window casings.

Paslode 16 Gauge Li-Ion Straight Cordless Finish Nailer 

What we say: Paslode is the unquestioned leader in fuel cell nailers and the upgrade to a lithium-ion battery is significant. Because the power draw is so small compared to pure battery powered nailers, there has been no rush to go to a lithium-ion platform. It’s here now, so Paslode lithium-ion packs will get significantly more run time and no battery memory associated with Ni-Cad packs.

Here's to another successful year of fastening - and beyond. Be sure to keep watch for Nail Gun Depot's "2015 Holiday Guide" and "Top Tools of 2015" report. For a full list of the 2015 Pro Tool Innovation Award winners, click here.
~The Team At Nail Gun Depot

September 29, 2015 : Choosing A Staple Gun For Your Project

Choosing A Staple Gun For Your Project

Everything you need to know about staple guns. Learn the difference between gauge and crown, what makes one type stapler different from another, and most importantly, which stapler is the best one for you.
BeA Upholstery Stapler 
What Type Of Staple Gun Do I Need? 
  • Construction Stapler: When you think of a staple gun, the first thought that might come to mind is a construction stapler - in other words, not your average office stapler. Most construction staplers look very similar to a nail gun, and they typically aren't far off in operation - that is, until you load your fasteners into the magazine. Construction staplers vary in size, depending on the project you need them for. Finish staplers are great for trim work - while heavy-duty construction staplers can be used for sheathing, cabinet framing, furniture construction and more.
  • Upholstery Stapler: Upholstery staplers and fine wire construction staplers maintain similar characteristics - in fact, there's even a slight category overlap in some 20 gauge models - so it's important that you make sure the tool you purchase is intended for the correct application. Some upholstery staplers are intended specifically for upholstering applications, while others leave some room for versatility. To make upholstering easier, some models of upholstery stapler come with a long nose, for reaching into tight spaces.
  • Flooring Stapler: Flooring staplers, again, look very much like their flooring nailer counterpart. Flooring staplers are designed for the installation of hardwood and engineered wood flooring. Hardwood floor staplers come in two variations - either mallet actuated or trigger actuated. A mallet actuated flooring stapler requires the strike of a rubber mallet to drive the staple into place. Carpet staplers are more of a mixture between hammer staplers and upholstery staplers.
  • Packing Stapler: Carton closing staplers - also known as packaging staplers - are designed specifically for corrugated box closing applications, typically associated with packing and shipping. Carton closing staplers come in several variations, ranging from air-powered (pneumatic), to cordless battery - or even manual - operation. The size of corrugate you are intending to staple will determine the size of staple and stapler you require. For applications in manufacturing or assembly line production, packaging staplers are also available in bench-mounted and clinch stapling variations, designed for repetitive, high-volume use.
  • Hammer Stapler: Hammer staplers, also known as hammer tackers or slap staplers, are manually actuated tools that require the striking of a surface to operate - in the same manner as a hammer. Hammer staplers are generally used in carpet, insulation, housewrap and roofing felt installation.
  • Cap Stapler: Cap staplers are most commonly found in the roofing industry. These specialty staplers operate the same as a regular staple gun, but also drive a plastic cap in tandem with the staple. The cap provides greater holding power and offers added protection for the staple. Cap staplers are used for roofing felt, housewrap, foam board and other select applications.
Stinger Cap Stapler 
What Crown Stapler Should I Choose?
  • Narrow Crown: Narrow crown staplers are generally used for finish and trim applications, such as molding, trim, cabinets, drawers, fascias and other fine-grained applications. The smaller crown allows the stapler to penetrate a surface without being overly noticeable.
  • Medium Crown: Medium crown staplers are preferred in subflooring, pallet building, vinyl siding, furniture assembly, sheathing and similar applications. A medium crown offers a wider range of clinch, but is not quite as rugged as a wide crown.
  • Wide Crown: Wide crown staplers and staples are intended for heavy-duty use - primarily in construction, for projects in truss building, housewrap, roofing, lathing and more. Look to use a wide crown stapler for many of the same applications as a medium crown, but where it doesn't matter if the staple affects the appearance of your project. Wide crown staples are bulkier, but offer greater holding capability.
C-Wire Staples 
What's The Difference In Wire (Gauge) Type?
  • Fine Wire: Fine wire staples are the thinnest variation of staple, generally ranging from 20 - 22 gauge in thickness. It's important to note, that the gauge and crown of staple are two different things. The gauge is the thickness of the staple, whereas the crown is the width.
  • Medium Wire: Medium wire staples are generally measured in the 18 - 19 gauge range of thickness. Medium wire will provide more holding power than a fine wire staple, but is not the best option for heavy-duty applications in construction.
  • Heavy Wire: Heavy wire staples are the thickest variation of staple, mostly found in 15 - 16 gauge thickness. Heavy wire will provide the greatest holding power of the three, but will also take up the most area when fastened. Heavy wire staples are good for applications that require stapling to a thick surface.
Other clamp fastening tools serve as extended family to the staple gun, such as hog ring pliers, corrugated fastening tools and flaring staplers; however, these specialized tools are typically intended for industrial use or manufacturing.
Bostitch Cordless Carton Stapler 
Just as you should with any other power tool, be sure that safety is your top priority when using a staple gun. Always be aware of your surroundings, how you handle the tool, and make sure you are equipped with the proper safety gear.
~The Team At Nail Gun Depot

September 22, 2015 : How To Buy The Right Air Compressor

How To Buy The Right Air Compressor

Have you found yourself asking, "How much air compressor do I really need?" If so, you've come to the right spot. Many are fooled into buying more - or less - air compressor than their tool(s) require. An easy solution, learn how to buy the right air compressor, by visiting Nail Gun Depot's, Nail Gun Network.
Bostitch Compressor 
The following are points for consideration as you start your research:
  • Portability: We put portability at the top of our list, because despite performance and technical specs, if you can't take your compressor where it needs to go, it's useless. Think about the types of projects you are looking to do. Will there be room for a larger unit, or is space going to be limited? Will you have to carry the compressor up and down stairs, or will it always stay at ground level? Will you be using the compressor in a fixed work space, or will it move from job to job? A hand-carry air compressor will prove beneficial if you will be moving it up and down stairs, or if you have limited space to work with. Most DIYers will find that a hand-carry compressor will offer plenty of power for their finish nailer or stapler. These compressors are also handy for basic projects around the garage, such as inflating a tire or pumping up a basketball. Wheelbarrow compressors offer a significant increase in power, and are a better choice for heavy-duty use, but sacrifice some of the portability a hand-carry air compressor offers. Fixed compressors are large and powerful, but are not easily moved, and are not ideal outside a workshop or manufacturing facility.

  • Power & Performance: To make sure your compressor is powerful enough to handle the pneumatic tools you plan to hook up to it, check the specs on your tools to see how much air power they require. Most finish and trim nailers, staplers and the like, will require a lower Standard Cubic Feed Per Minute (SCFM) rating, while larger framing nailers and construction staplers typically need a higher SCFM rating to run. If you are planning to run multiple tools at the same time, you'll need a compressor that's designed to handle the additional load. Outside of providing power to your tools, you'll also need to decide whether you want an electric, or gas-powered air compressor. Most hand-carry compressors are only available as electric, but for larger wheelbarrow units and some fixed units, gasoline power is an option. Consider using a gas compressor if you find yourself frequently on the job without an electrical outlet available. Some gas-powered compressors will also offer increased power over their electric counterpart.

  • Pump & Tank Type: Most compressor shoppers will go straight for the motor output - without thinking about two other crucial components - the pump and the tank. The tank size - measured in gallons - determines how frequently the motor must run to keep air in reserve. Almost as crucial as the motor, the pump is responsible for moving air through the compressor. A single-stage compressor pumps air at the same output pressure, while two-stage compressors have multiple cylinders that continually compress air to provide improved tank filling capability. Be sure to note whether your compressor pump is oil-free, or if it requires regular oiling to keep moving parts lubricated. Larger compressors typically require oil lubrication as regular maintenance.

  • Reliability: The last point on our checklist, make sure the compressor you are buying has been built by a contractor-grade manufacturer. The "house-brand" compressor manufacturers come with an appealing price, but are likely to fall apart sooner than expected. In fact, most don't even come with the out-of-box quality that can be found in compressors from brands such as, RolAir, Senco, Bostitch, J-Air and similar. Buyer beware, make sure the compressor you decide on is designed to sustain several years of hard use.

All things considered, how much air compressor DO YOU really need? The solution ultimately lies in the type of projects you work on, the pneumatic tools you are using, and the flexibility of your typical job site. Despite the size or design of the compressor you choose, keep long-term reliability in mind. Choosing a slightly more expensive, contractor-grade compressor, might pay for itself in the long run.

RolAir Air Compressors 
Now, you won't have to worry about "blowing" your money on the next air compressor you purchase.
~The Team At Nail Gun Depot

September 15, 2015 : Thanks To All Who Joined In Our 15th Anniversary Giveaway

Thanks To All Who Joined In Our 15th Anniversary Giveaway

We've come a long way in 15 years. That's been an ongoing theme at Nail Gun Depot this year - a theme that ties directly to our 15th Anniversary Giveaway and the Bleed Orange Bundle. Whether you've been a repeat customer for several years, just placed your first Nail Gun Depot order, or are simply visiting the site because it caught your attention - thank you for joining us in celebrating 15 years of customer satisfaction and support. 
Nail Gun Depot Giveaway 
Before we announce our grand prize winner, who will receive two brand-new Paslode cordless nailers, we encourage you to read the testimonials firsthand. See what others have to say about Nail Gun Depot, our dedication to customer service, and the benefits to ordering from us - including special shipping deals and discounts on volume fastener orders.
Paslode at Nail Gun Depot 
Now that we've built suspense - the answer all our contestants have been waiting for, who's taking home the Bleed Orange Bundle? We would like to congratulate Dustin H., who has been drawn as our grand prize winner, and will receive a Paslode CF325-Li cordless framing nailer (902600) AND a Paslode IM250A-Li cordless 16 gauge finish nailer (902400), compliments of Nail Gun Depot.
We would also like to congratulate our three other winners:
  1.  Rick R., who won a Grex P650LX 23 gauge micro pinner as our first place winner,
  2.  Ray K., who won a Senco PC1010 air compressor as our second place winner,
  3.  And John F., who won a Freeman PFWS air stapler as our third place winner - compliments of Freeman Tools.

Freeman PFWS Winner

A final thank you to all who who participated in our anniversary giveaway. Please remember to make Nail Gun Depot your year-round source for tools and fasteners.

~The Team At Nail Gun Depot



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