Announcing Pro Tool Reviews 2015 Innovation Awards

Every year, Pro Tool Reviews recognizes the latest and greatest tool technology, showcasing the best of the best with their annual Pro Tool Innovation Awards. This year was no different. As a 2015 sponsor, Nail Gun Depot - and the Nail Gun Network - had a chance to get up-close and personal with some of the winners.
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See what the editors at Pro Tool Reviews say about their favorite fastening tools:


Winner - Nailers: Roofing

Beck Fastener Group Roofloc SCRAIL System

What they said: The Roofloc SCRAIL Metal Roof System from the BECK Fastener Group is a revolutionary new system for attaching metal to wood, featuring new SteelThread SCRAIL. SteelThread is a groundbreaking feature for metal roof fasteners, delivering holding power exceeding 400 lbs. They include a leak-proof washer and FasCoat coating, specifically formulated for improved corrosion resistance for exterior applications under all but extreme salinity and humidity conditions, and are available in an array of colors. Additionally, Roofloc SCRAIL fasteners offer unprecedented speed and versatility because they can be driven pneumatically, using the FASCO F58AC Roofloc L-75 tool, at a rate twice as fast as collated screws and eight times faster than bulk screws. Roofloc SCRAIL fasteners can also be easily removed using a rechargeable drill if necessary.

Fasco RoofLoc

What we say: SCRAIL and FASCO teamed up to create yet another innovative system that was a no-brainer for our Roofing Nailer Award. For metal to wood roofing, SCRAIL's SteelThread fasteners offer 400+ pounds of holding strength installed by pairing them with FASCO's F58AC Roofloc L-75. Threaded holding power with pneumatic delivery - we love the time savings. Even mistakes are easily fixed with a drill.


Winner - Cordless Nailers: Fuel Cell Finish, 7.4V

Paslode 16-Ga. Straight Cordless Li-ion Finish Nailer

What they said: Paslode upgraded its 16-Ga. Straight Cordless Li-ion Finish Nailing System to run on a 7.4-volt Li-ion battery platform, replacing the NiCd version. The nailer allows for unparalleled power and precision, so remodeling jobs are finished right the first time. Upgrading to the 7.4-volt Li-ion battery drastically improves productivity by driving up to 12,000 nails per charge, which enables the nailer to last days without needing a recharge. At just 4.6 pounds, the Cordless Finish Nailer is lighter than most competitive power nailers, offering comfort and control when doing overhead work on door and window casings.


Paslode 16 Gauge Li-Ion Straight Cordless Finish Nailer

What we say: Paslode is the unquestioned leader in fuel cell nailers and the upgrade to a lithium-ion battery is significant. Because the power draw is so small compared to pure battery powered nailers, there has been no rush to go to a lithium-ion platform. It's here now, so Paslode lithium-ion packs will get significantly more run time and no battery memory associated with Ni-Cad packs.


Here's to another successful year of fastening - and beyond. Be sure to keep watch for Nail Gun Depot's "2015 Holiday Guide" and "Top Tools of 2015" report. For a full list of the 2015 Pro Tool Innovation Award winners, click here.
~The Nail Gun Depot Team
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