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Dynamic Duo: Dewalt's Versa-Clutch & Quik Drive

Designed for metal fastening applications, the Dewalt 20V MAX XR Versa-Clutch is a powerful screw gun that eliminates the need for extension cords and reliance on electrical outlets. Paired with a Quik Drive adapter, it becomes a multi-use motor for practically any application.

Using the Dewalt Versa-Clutch screw gun

Features on the Versa-Clutch Screwgun

First, let’s talk about the IQ of the Versa-Clutch DCF622 screwgun. The 20V cordless tool offers adjustable torque thanks to the proprietary the Versa-Clutch system from Dewalt. If the term sounds familiar, it's probably because there's already a corded version (or three) on the market, the DW267, DW268, and DW269, each with different RPMs. Here Dewalt has cut the cord, allowing greater mobility, yet kept the power of the DW267.

The Versa-Clutch system essentially “dials in” the appropriate torque to drive a fastener, then disengages the clutch when enough torque is reached. The result is that screw slots and heads maintain their integrity and stay intact. You could say that the Versa-Clutch Screw Gun, is a screw driver that's smart enough to know when to quit. 

Using the Dewalt cordless Versa-Clutch screwgun

The cordless Versa-Clutch gets 2,000 RPMs of consistent speed, which is ideal for fastening metal. There’s also the matter of an impressive battery life (4 Ah when using the DCB204 20V battery). That extended run time one of desirable qualities of Dewalt's XR series of tools. The Versa-Clutch runs on a brushless motor, developed for greater efficiency and longer run time. The tool also runs cooler than its contemporaries, so it promises to last longer, not to mention that brushless motors are valued for the lack of maintenance.

Other features on the Dewalt Versa-Clutch screw gun include a quick-release hex drive that accepts 1/4” hex accessories. It also has a built-in LED work light for increasing visibility in dark areas, and a belt hook. The screw gun has a variable speed trigger which essentially means the more you squeeze the trigger, the faster the operation. You can also expect a quick-release chuck, depth setting and lock on switch for continual running. Another benefit to the tool is its lack of heft—without the battery, the tool weighs only 2.8 lbs.

The Versa-Clutch DCF622M2G2 screw gun with the Quik Drive adapter attached

Adaptability With the Versa-Clutch

One of the most compelling features of the Versa-Clutch DCF622M2G2 screw gun kit is the inclusion of a Quik Drive adapter (DWA3G2), which makes it compatible with any of the generation 2 auto-feed attachments. With this simple piece, your Versa-Clutch becomes a collated screw gun, a tough act to follow.

Made by Simpson Strong-Tie, the Quik Drive system provides an attachment for nearly any job—including decking, dry walling, structural steel fastening, and tile roofing to name a few. The attachments are quick loading and individually designed for each application.

With lightweight bodies, slim profiles and fine noses, the Quik Drive attachments allow for for accurate fastener placement. Add the QDEXTG2 extension for "stand up and drive" fastening. If you want a screw gun that can easily adapt to a variety of different tasks, seriously consider the Versa-Clutch with Quik Drive adapter. 

The versa-clutch can be attached to most quik drive attachments such as this one

Which Versa-Clutch Version Should You Get?

For the most versatile Versa-Clutch, the complete screwgun kit (DCF622M2G2) gets you the Quik Drive adapter, two 4 Ah batteries, battery charger, and tool bag. If you don't need the adapter, there's the screw gun kit with battery, bag, etc. (DCF622M2). If you simply want the cordless screw gun, opt for the bare tool (DCF622B). Whichever version of the Versa-Clutch you choose, you'll be getting a tool with both brains and brawn.



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  • Edward McCartney October 30, 2019 at 1:02 AM

    Does Simpson still support the "versa clutch metal roofing gun"???? They are telling us they no longer have the collzted roofing screws.

  • Edward McCartney October 30, 2019 at 1:05 AM

    Correction.....we use DeWalt 622 versa guns..they are great...BUT.....Simpson has told us they no longer have the metal to wood collated screws..

    • Nail Gun Depot October 30, 2019 at 6:54 AM

      If you're referencing the HG Series of screw, unfortunately, that is correct. They have discontinued that line. After speaking with our Simpson representative, it appears they do not have a product for this use, at this time. However, they are looking at bringing something in to replace that line - but no ETA for availability.

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