Introducing The Grex H850LX 21 Gauge Micro Brad Nailer

When you think Grex Power Tools, your first thought is probably a 23-gauge micro pinner - or even an 18-gauge brad nailer. Grex wants to change your thinking, as the brand recently introduced its all-new H850LX 21 gauge micro brad nailer, the first of its kind to wear a green Grex badge.

Grex H850LX

At first glance, you can hardly tell the difference between the H850LX and its 23-gauge cousin, the P650LX. A closer look at the Grex 21-gauge pin nailer however, reveals a much different story.

Grex H850LX Posit-Lock Nose Cover

Drawing on more than 16 years' engineering excellence, the Grex H850LX offers a perfect compromise between nail diameter (represented by visual penetration marks on the wood surface), and holding strength (represented by pin length and width). While 18-gauge brad nails offer improved holding power, they tend to leave larger holes and markings wherever the nail is applied. On the other hand, a 23-gauge pin leaves a smaller blemish on the wood surface, but compensates with a smaller nail diameter - which reduces holding strength.

Finish Nail Comparison Chart

This leaves you with 21-gauge pins (also referred to as micro brads), which sit right in the middle. Micro brads provide better holding power than 23-gauge micro pins, but leave a less noticeable mark after each drive, as compared to 18 gauge brad nails. Compare the Grex H850LX to other popular 21-gauge nailers, including the Everwin PT850EA, the Senco FinishPro 21LXP and the Cadex V2/21.55.

Grex H850LX Magazine

When it comes to features, the Grex H850LX will not disappoint. Standard features on the H850LX include internal aluminum parts, one-piece driver design with tapered tip (for minimal marking), auto trigger lockout, one-touch lock-out over-ride, on-board integrated edge guide with holder, extruded aluminum magazine, narrow nose design, removable no-mar rubber tip, Posit-Lock nose cover (to reduce jamming), steel belt hook, rear exhaust, large fastener indicator window, allen key storage, swivel air coupler, and rubber hand grip. Weighing in at 3.6 lbs., the H850LX is capable of driving 3/8" to 2" 21 gauge slight headed micro brads, such as Senco ZX Series pins. Versatile and efficient, first impressions indicate Grex has hit one out of the park with their H850LX.

Grex H850LX Internal Parts

Priced at the top of its competition, just under $300 at launch, it's too soon to tell if the additional expense will be justified in improved build quality, durability and features. But, based on our experience with Grex 23 gauge nailers, we're confident this tool will be successful among the woodworking crowd.

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~ The Nail Gun Depot Team

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  • Glen August 27, 2017 at 7:53 AM

    Not exactly hitting on out of the park. This gun in other brands has been used for at least 4 years and is therefore late to the party folks. Also the head safety severely hampers getting into tight spots. I would say "fly ball"

    • Nail Gun Depot August 29, 2017 at 7:33 AM


      Thanks for the feedback!

      ~ Mark

  • Frank Smith September 7, 2017 at 7:25 PM

    While i admire this nailer as i have 2 myself from sears i bought years ago they preform very well.This nailer is a bit overpriced.

  • Barry Voss October 5, 2017 at 2:05 AM

    I love my Grex 23 ga pinner. I have used it and used it and still love it. I was going to start replacing my bigger nailers with Grex as they went down, but the Grex 23 ga was the only one with solid performance reviews along with my experience. When I decided to get a 21 ga, I ended up with a Cadex due to reviews and price. I don't know why Grex seemed to lose it in the bigger guns, but these are too expensive to have bad experiences. I have to go with track record.

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