Introducing The Powernail Model 2000

Nail Gun Depot will now carry Powernail’s new Model 2000, the industry's first trigger-pull 20-gauge cleat nailer for hardwood floors! The new floor nailer uses 1” and 1-¼” 20-gauge L-cleats.

The Powernail 2000 has a fully adjustable "Flex Foot" that can install hardwood from 5/16” to 9/16” - and every measure of thickness between. The Model 2000 will install engineered products and solids alike, and will even pierce stand-woven bamboo, thanks to its unique drive blade and extra durable 20 gauge PowerCleats. The Powernail 2000 can even install most of today’s click lock systems. 

Powernail is the first manufacturer to make a nailer that will adapt to a variety of click lock profiles, with a fastener that is strong enough to penetrate MDF cores without folding, bending or curling. 

(Please Note: The model 2000 has since been replaced by the Powernail 2000F).

~ The Nail Gun Depot Team
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