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  • How To Load A Framing Nailer

    Learn how to load both stick and coil framing nailers. Let us walk you through the necessary steps to make sure you know how to load a framing nailer safely. This video is ideal for anyone considering the use of a framing nail gun, including contractors, construction workers, home builders and DIYer's. Brought to you by Nail Gun Depot's, Nail Gun Network. To see more videos, subscribe to the NGD YouTube Channel

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  • The Nail Gun Network Media Guide - We're Expanding To Video

    The majority of our Nail Gun Network subscribers have come to expect weekly - and the occasional bi-weekly - blog updates announcing tool news, product demonstrations, tutorials and project tips. Now, they can expect even more, as we are pleased to announce the launch of our Nail Gun Network video blog.
    How To Load A Framing Nailer
    Love the "traditional" blog posts? Don't worry, we'll keep those coming too. Just think of video as icing on the cake. With that said, let's take a look at what you can expect to see on the Nail Gun Network in coming weeks:
    • Video production is already underway. Our inaugural video, How To Load A Framing Nailer, walks users through the basic steps for loading either a stick - or coil - framing nail gun. In this episode, we'll demonstrate the necessary steps to load a framing nailer safely.
    • Be sure to subscribe to the Nail Gun Depot YouTube channel. Subscribing will ensure you get the latest video news and updates.
    • What to expect in future episodes: Look for a variety of material, ranging from basic tool demonstrations to product reviews and application guides. We'll take you from the workshop out into the field, covering a variety of topics and showcasing what we do best - fastening. Whether you are an experienced professional contractor, or an amateur DIY woodworker, we'll have something for everyone.
    Keep watch for new episodes in the coming weeks - as we take Nail Gun Network to the silver screen. Thanks for watching and ENJOY.
    ~The Nail Gun Depot Team 
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