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If you watch television, chances are you've seen a nail gun or pneumatic fastening tool in at least one of your favorite movies or TV shows - not including renovation and remodeling shows. Just like the actors and actresses of Hollywood, some tools have also been known to take center-stage on the big screen. Let's take a look at a few famous nailers.
We start with the show "Home Improvement," a popular series that ran throughout much of the 90's. The television series was centered around a clumsy contractor that hosted his own tool and construction broadcast television show, Tool Time. Each episode included several mishaps that often landed "Tim" (played by Tim Allen) in the ER - or worse. One episode in particular included a special dedication - more affectionately referred to as a 21 Nail Gun Salute. While we absolutely DO NOT condone this behavior (for the sake of safety and property damage), Tim decided to fire off 21 nail guns simultaneously - ending in disaster. Every episode is packed with tools, DIY disasters, and a little family drama - making for an absolutely hilarious show that is appropriate for all ages.
21 Nail Gun Salute
Moving on to a more recent series, let's look at "The Strain," which features a nail gun that is intended for much more sinister use - slaying vampires. This series is set in present day (2014), and follows a group of characters that are working to fight off a powerful new affliction that is taking over the citizens of Manhattan - and turning them into zombie-like vampires. Tools to ward these beasts off, the main characters in the series use several weapons with silver in them - a material that proves lethal to these creatures of the night. One tool in particular, a nail gun that fires silver nails can be seen frequently battling these beasts. While this is certainly a new use for the tool, it seems to prove effective for battling vampires.
Nail Gun in The Strain
Maybe you find yourself at the cinema more than in front of a television? If that's the case, nail guns have also been known to star on the silver screen at your local movie theater. Take the movie "Lethal Weapon 2," for example. Again, the nail gun in this movie is being misused as a dangerous weapon, as one character grabs the nailer and fires it at his attacker. Other movies where a nail gun is (mis)used similarly include "The Island" and "Malice."
For contractors and woodworkers that use these tools regularly, you will notice a lot of discrepancies in the function of these tools on television. To start, don't be fooled, many of these nailers - especially those in older films and television - would require an air compressor to function. While cordless variations are available, they did not become nearly as popular until the last 10-15 years. Another important area to take into consideration is the safety mechanisms in place - even for older tools. A safety must be depressed in order for the nailer to fire. Furthermore, a bump-fire mechanism requires the nose to be depressed prior to firing - a safety feature designed to eliminate being able to fire a strip of nails off into the air.
Big Screen Blowout
As we all know, Hollywood is packed full of stunts and special effects that embellish reality and paint a fictitious picture of a world that can only be portrayed by professional actors and actresses. It's important to remember that the safety features on your nailer or stapler are there for a reason, to reduce the risk for harm or injury. Please remember to ALWAYS use a power tool with safety first. NEVER try to replicate the scenes from your favorite movies or TV shows - leave the stunts to the professional actors, actresses and stunt coordinators in Hollywood.
Have questions about the safety features on your nailer, stapler or screw gun? Consult your owner's manual - or the manufacturer - for safety tips, recommendations, and guidelines for proper use.
NGD Big Screen Blowout
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