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  • What's A Corrugated Tool?

    What's a corrugated fastening tool? To start, we must first debunk a myth.
    Spotnails XC1008
    The term corrugate lends itself to be mistaken for the cardboard material typically used in packaging. Surprisingly enough, corrugated tools have very little to do with corrugated material. Instead, these tools are recognized by the unique corrugated fastener they use, which has a similar shape to the ripples in corrugated cardboard. Functioning similarly to a staple, corrugated fasteners are designed to draw joints in wood framing together.
    Spotnails Corrugated Tool Nose
    So when would you use a corrugated tool? Corrugated tools are primarily used in applications where two joints are being drawn together, such as butt joints in cabinet and furniture frame building, truss construction, picture frame assembly, wood box building, and pallet assembly and repair. With double the holding strength of a regular nail or staple, thanks to their unique design, corrugated fasteners can be used in both hard and soft wood.
    Senco Corrugated Fasteners
    Ready to see what's out there? Corrugated fastening tools are not nearly as common as many of the nailers and staplers you are probably familiar with, but several manufacturers do offer models of this type tool - so there are options to compare. Spotnails offers several popular models of corrugated fastening tool, including the XC1008 (replaced by Spotnails X1C1008), XC1016 (replaced by Spotnails X1C1016) and RC1016. Senco's Senclamp tools are also popular among corrugated fastening users. Other options include tools from BeA, UFFY and more - making joint fastening easier than ever.
    ~The Team At Nail Gun Depot
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  • Specialty Fastening Tools You Need To Know About

    We talk a lot about the mainstream fastening tools that most of our customers can relate to their job site, but what about the specialty tools that go beyond a traditional finish nailer or flooring stapler? That's right, we're talking about the big-guns. These tools are not available at your big box stores. They are custom built - designed with the capability to function above and beyond the norm. Sometimes, it takes a little bit more to get the job done right. Now is your chance to discover some of these tools that can make your job easier - tools that you can't just find anywhere.
    Let's start with one of our favorite specialty fabricators, Motion Devices, a company that takes Senco brand tools and gives them a unique twist in function. A new addition to the Nail Gun Depot site, the Senco MD0054 is a prime example of tool fabrication that provides added value to the user. To the ordinary eye, this tool would appear to be a Senco FP42, however, upon further examination, not only can this tool be used as a finish nailer, but can also act as a floor nailer via a removable attachment. In combining the function of multiple tools, the MD0054 will ultimately save a floor installer or general contractor on the amount of tools they need.
    Senco MD0054
    Another great example, the MD4913 utilizes the popular Senco SNS200XP, converting it into a medium crown tube closing clinch stapler. The Senco MD4913 tube closing clinch stapler is designed to secure plastic and metal end caps on mailing and shipping tubes. Likewise, the MW4941 Wide Crown Clinch Stapler is ideal for softwood and corrugated cardboard applications. Enhancements to this tool include a new remote firing valve for fast and powerful operation, a high-strength compostive magazine, and an extremely durable exhaust cap to prevent damage.
    Senco MW4941
    A powerful option in the corrugated fastening segment, the BeA W-Type Corrugated Fastener Tool (12000133) virtually eliminates the need for gluing, milling, clamping, screwing and other time-consuming operations. Designed with durability in mind, a corrugated fastener is twice as strong as a regular fastener - meaning this tool is a must have item for anyone that regularly works with corrugated products, such as cardboard. This BeA tool also features a compact design which gives it the agility to seal butt and corner joints with ease.
    BeA 12000133
    Last, but certainly not least, we couldn't leave the topic of specialty tools without mentioning carton closing staplers. An absolute must have tool for any business that deals in production and distribution, top closing staplers maximize productivity and provide a durable seal required for shipping. Looking for an outstanding example? The Josef Kihlberg A560PN heavy-duty carton stapler is designed to tackle high and low volume closing of corrugated cardboard including box folding, complete overlap and more. Check out our selection of carton closing staplers here.
    Josef Kihlberg A560PN
    Whether you prefer a fabricated fastening tool or a specialty tool designed to perform a specific job, we've got you covered. Nail Gun Depot offers one of the largest selections of specialty fastening tools - tools that you can't find everywhere - and the technical support to maximize their potential.
    Your Go-To Source For Specialty Applications,
    The Team At Nail Gun Depot
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