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  • New Fine-Tuned Finishing Nailers From Senco & Hitachi

    A finish nailer is versatile, tackling projects in trim work, cabinets, casing, crown molding, and even furniture assembly. Meeting demands of the modern carpenter, Senco brings renewed brawn and fine-tuning to its latest finish nailer. Meanwhile, Hitachi looks to past favorites as inspiration for its new PRO series finishing nailers. Here's a closer look.

    Senco 16 Ga FInishPro 16XP Angle

    Tougher on Materials

    Senco's new 2-1/2” FinishPro 16XP gets leaner and meaner, and attempts to eliminate fastener jams. It improves upon and replaces the Senco FinishPro32 Nailer, now discontinued. Like the previous version, the FinishPro 16XP is sturdy yet lightweight at 4 lbs., firing 16-gauge brad nails from 1-1/4" to 2-1/2”.

    So what's the news on this updated model? An upgraded firing system is the most notable feature. Acknowledging a change in the industry to using harder, denser materials, Senco equipped the 16XP with a piston and driver upgrade. Coupled with a new magazine feed system, the finish nailer more reliably delivers fasteners, then more thoroughly and consistently drives them into tough pro-grade materials.

    Finer Firing

    Accuracy is another improvement, thanks to improved sight lines. A stamped steel spring on their EZ-Clear latch system means a slimmer, more robust latch. Now there’s a tighter hold on the drive track, resulting in greater control and pin-point accuracy when firing, even in hard-to-reach areas. The revised latch design virtually prevents jams and makes quick work of clearing any that occur.

    There’s also selectable actuation on the tool, letting you easily switch from bump fire to sequential firing modes. Another nice quality is an integrated push-button air blower to clear away debris. Senco extends durability to the overall appearance as well, with a powder coat finish and a cast-in logo. The tool comes with storage case, tool oil, wrench, no-mar pad and plug, all backed by the company's 5-year limited warranty. Check out the product video here to see it in action.

    Hitachi NT65A5 16 Ga Finish Nailer

    Hitachi Looks Back, Moves Ahead

    Enthusiasts of Hitachi (soon to be Metabo HPT) are already aware that the A5 Series recaptures some features of their beloved classics. Additions to the new line incorporate aspects like the prized motors in their original models, as well as fewer moving parts, and simpler maintenance.

    NT65A5 PRO Finish Nailer

    Those who remember the original NT65A3 will be happy to find the new NT65A5 16-Gauge PRO Finish Nailer uses the same motor. So, what was worth saving from the A3 model? A cylinder valve system, which gives the new model "the quickest response and the fastest driving speed of any 16-gauge finish nailer," says Hitachi. The NT65A5's cylinder valve system is “unmatched,” they add. That's quite a statement.

    The tool features a light, 4.9 lb. body (without the industrial-grade aluminum hook) and fires 1-1/2” to 2-1/2” straight finish nails. A high-capacity magazine on the NT65A5 holds three strips of nails, meaning there will be fewer pauses to re-load. A sturdier, high-grade aluminum magazine also helps those fasteners fire smoothly.

    Should a jam occur, the NT65A5’s quick-clear nose provides easier access to fasteners. Other features on the NT65A5 include selectable actuation, a 360° adjustable aluminum hook, safety glasses, a no-mar tip, and a canvas tool bag.

    HItachi NT50A5 18 Ga Brad Nailer

    NT50A5 2” PRO Brad Nailer

    Just as its sibling above, the NT50A5 2” PRO Brad Nailer is part of the A5 series. This new 18-gauge nail gun fires brad nails from 5/8” to 2”. It also asserts an improved air flow between the head valve and cylinder, giving it more muscle and greater efficiency over the NT50AE2, Hitachi's price-point oriented brad gun. Users can expect a 30% power increase in this small but mighty tool.

    In its compact 2.9 lb. body, the NT50A5 delivers well-balanced handling, selectable actuation, a sturdy aluminum magazine, and a safety that's set behind the nose for easier access to tight corners. Other features include a 360° adjustable exhaust, rubber grip, ambidextrous belt hook, auto dry-fire lockout, and an integrated air duster. The tool comes with the no-mar tip, tool bag and safety glasses. As with other Hitachi tools, it's backed by a 5-year warranty.

    So, which will find its way into your air tool arsenal? Just contact our Customer Service team to learn more.


    ~ The Nail Gun Depot Team

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  • Paslode Powers Up New Construction Staplers

    Continuously striving for improvement, Paslode is known for their framing tools. The Illinois-based company was founded in 1935, and they've been elemental in air tool innovation. In fact, they created the very first pneumatic nailer, then later introduced the first cordless nailer. Suffice it to say, pneumatic tools are their forte.

    The newest additions, from Paslode’s family of air-powered staplers, are also improvementsthe standard SCS200 1/2” Crown Pneumatic Stapler (arriving later this year) and the wider WCS200 15/16” Crown Pneumatic Stapler.

    Paslode New 16 Gauge Staplers

    Ready, Steady Fire

    If your sheathing tool of preference is a pneumatic stapler, then you've dealt with standing staples. Ideally, with a staple gun, you wouldn’t need the added step of hammering in staples that didn’t drive flush. One of the most exciting things about these new Paslode staplers is the promise that they drive “flush in all materials.”

    A rugged engine allows the staplers to shoot powerfully enough to penetrate the substrate. Add to that a U-shaped driver blade tip that prevents slippage when firing, ensuring a steady fastener drive. Another notable feature is the small WCE (work contact element) that allows you to shoot more accurately.

    For even greater precision (and less hand strain), the staplers have a two-finger trigger that provides greater control in driving fasteners. So you can give your hammering wrist and trigger finger a rest.

    Paslode 16 Gauge Air Stapler in Use

    What Else is New

    Missing on the previous versions was a tool-free depth-of-drive adjust. Changing a tool’s drive depth with an Allen wrench when you’re 30 feet in the air isn’t exactly ideal. No need to worry about that with these. These new 16-gauge framing staplers have tool-free depth-of-drive adjustment. Not to mention easy-access, tool-free jam clearance, should you find your staples in a bind.

    Another new feature is the adjustable rafter hook, made of steel. An all-steel magazine, by the way, makes these 16-gauge air staplers more durable than the plastic-magazine in their predecessors. Also noteworthy on the new Paslode staplerstheir speed. Both the SCS200 and the WCS200 can fire up to 10 staples per second.

    Paslode 16 Gauge Air Stapler Features

    Why You Should Buy

    Both of the new 16-gauge pneumatic staplers from Paslode are adaptive to a wide array of applications—from sheathing and subflooring, to crate and pallet assembly. That’s because the new 16-gauge staplers drive an impressive range of fasteners—from 3/4" to 2” staple lengths. The 1/2” crown stapler takes GS-16 Series staples, while the 15/16” crown-stapler will use GSW-16 Series staples.

    Pro Tip: To prevent staple jams, we recommend sticking with the staple series listed by the manufacturer. Learn more on staple buying in our post, How to Find the Correct Staples for a Staple Gun

    Both staplers have top-loading magazines that help prevent fastener waste, and both are lightweight at just under 6 lbs. The magazine capacity is 150 staples for both. Paslode designed each tool to stand up to the most demanding job site, so these construction staplers should remain nimble, “whether used in a high-speed production plant or sheathing walls in cold weather.” Paslode guarantees the staplers with a 1-Year Full/5-Year Limited Warranty. 

    Paslode 16-Gauge Pneumatic Stapler Uses Diagram

    When Are They Available?

    The Paslode WCS200 15/16” crown stapler was just released this month and is available at Nail Gun Depot. It replaces the Paslode S200-W16 (501265) construction stapler. On the other hand, the SCS200 1/2” crown stapler is set to be released in December (a gift for your favorite tool-lover), and will replace the S200-S16 (501230) 1/2” crown stapler.


    ~ The Nail Gun Depot Team

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  • Rebuilding A Paslode PowerMaster Nailer

    If you’ve noticed your pneumatic nailer skipping, leaking air or acting sluggish, it might be time for a tune-up. O-rings are among several nailer components that are considered “wearable parts” and are usually not covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. So it bodes well (i.e. saves money in repairs) if you can replace them yourself.

    By fixing your own tool, you gain a better understanding of how it functions. And in just half an hour’s time, your tool should be running like new again.

    Paslode PowerMaster Nailer Rebuild Kit

    We’re rebuilding a Paslode PowerMaster F350 using the 219235 PowerMaster Plus Tool Repair Kit. The kit's instructions are very helpful in rebuilding the Paslode's F-350S (#501000), F-350P (#515000), and F-250S-PP (#500855) air nailers. But, should you need a little visual aid, follow along with us. For extra help, see your specific tool’s manual for the parts diagram.


    • Gather the needed items, below, on a clean, flat surface.
    • Disconnect the tool from air supply, if you haven’t already, and remove any fasteners.
    • As you disassemble the parts, line them up, so you know which order to reassemble them.

    What You’ll Need:

    • Paslode F350 PowerMaster Plus Tool Repair Kit (contains 9 O-rings, 1 cap gasket, 1 sleeve seal, 1 spring, silicone-based lubricant, instructions)
    • Paslode pneumatic tool oil
    • 3/16" hex key (Allen wrench)
    • Snap ring pliers
    • Pick tool or stick pin
    • Clean rag


    1. Using the hex key or Allen wrench, unscrew the four bolts on the nailer cap. Pull off the old gasket.

    2. Using a hex wrench, loosen and remove the head valve.

    Removing Paslode PowerMaster Head Gasket

    Main Valve O-Rings

    3. Using the snap ring pliers, remove the snap ring.

    4. Using a stick pin or pick tool, remove the two O-rings in the main valve.

    5. Add the new O-rings and lightly grease with the silicone-based lubricant (219188).

    Pro Tip: Use only silicone-based lubricant (grease) on the O-rings. Break grease and other types can clog your tool and cause the O-rings to swell.

    6. Place the snap ring back in. Then, remove the old spring, and set it aside to replace later.

    Paslode PowerMaster Nailer O-Rings and Snap Ring

    Head Valve O-Rings

    7. Using a stick pin or pick tool, remove the outer and inner O-rings on the cap.

    8. Using a clean rag, wipe out the old grease on the cap.

    9. Replace the outer O-ring, and lightly grease it.

    Removing an O-ring with stick pin

    10. Remove the inner O-ring and replace with the new. Apply a thin layer of grease to the inner O-ring.

    11. Now, replace the old spring with new (500407). Set the head valve atop the spring.

    12. Apply Paslode tool oil to the outer and inner O-rings.

    13. Press the head valve on the spring, pushing down a few times to work the oil in.

    Post O-Rings

    14. Remove the old O-ring on the post. Add a new O-ring to the post and grease it.

    15. Put the post back into the head valve and use a hex wrench to tighten it.

    Removing Paslode F350 Piston Assembly

    Piston Sleeve O-Rings

    16. Remove the piston sleeve, then remove the piston inner assembly.

    17. Remove the sleeve seal. If the seal is stubborn, use a flat-head screwdriver to pry it off.

    18. Replace the sleeve seal with the new one, popping it into place.

    Replacing Paslode PowerMaster Sleeve Seal

    Flange O-Rings

    19. Remove the flange. You may have to tap gently with a mallet to loosen it.

    20. Remove the fist O-ring from the piston sleeve, then remove the second.

    21. Replace with the new O-rings. Grease only the top O-ring. The bottom O-ring has holes under it that allow air to escape when the tool is functioning, so it should not be greased.

    22. Pop the flange back in.

    Paslode PowerMaster Rebuild: Grease only the top O-ring

    Main Body O-Ring

    23. Remove the O-ring in the body (outer flange) of the tool. Put the new O-ring into the body, resting it on the inner “ledge.” Apply a thin layer of grease to the O-ring.

    Paslode PowerMaster Rebuild Instructions

    24. Put the cylinder back into the tool body, snapping it into place.

    25. Remove the piston O-ring. In this case only, you’ll apply grease to the O-ring BEFORE you place it on the tool. Once greased, place it on the piston.

    26. Place the piston driver assembly back in the tool. Make sure that the piston driver’s bevel tip is pointing in the right direction, facing the nailer handle and magazine.

    Paslode PowerMaster Rebuild Kit Beveled Edge of Piston Driver Assembly

    Pro Tip: if the beveled edge of the driver is not correctly placed, nails will jam/skip when firing.

    27. Put in the new gasket, either side facing up

    28. Replace tool's cap, lining up the stud to fit into the notch. Tighten the screws snugly on the cap. Do not over-tighten.

    Test Firing the Nailer

    Add tool oil to your nailer and reinsert fasteners. Then do a few test fires on a scrap piece of wood to ensure the gun shoots properly and leaks are resolved.

    These instructions coincide with the following tools only: Paslode F-350S (#501000), Paslode F-350P (#515000) and Paslode F-250S-PP (#500855). For additional information, contact an authorized service center. You can find this and other Paslode nail gun repair kits on Nail Gun Depot.


    ~ The Nail Gun Depot Team

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  • Video: Introducing The Grabber SuperDrive N7 Screw System

    A game-changer in auto-feed fastening, the Grabber SuperDrive N7 series screw gun kit (SDN740DT) comes complete with the SDN7 screw gun attachment, Rocker 4000 RPM screw gun motor, drywall clip and Phillips bits. The SDN740DT features a smaller head design ideal for tighter spaces, SureLock fine depth control adjustment, durable aircraft aluminum body, and a rounded tip on the attachment that will not damage drywall or wood. The N7 series tool uses a widely accepted tape collation system, holding up to 50 screws per strip. The SuperDrive N7 SDN740DT corded screw system is recommended for drywall, sub floor, sheathing to wood or metal, light or heavy gauge metal, wood to wood, and metal to metal applications.

    SuperDrive SDN7 screw gun attachments are designed with a snap-on coupler, making it easy to attach with select Dewalt, Makita and Rocker corded and cordless drivers. No separate couplers or conversion adapters required - simply snap-on the Grabber SDN7 attachment. Featuring a smaller head design, this SuperDrive attachment uses a widely accepted tape collation, and can hold 50 screws per strip. The SDN7 indexing head is excellent for drywall and sheathing to wood or metal, metal to metal, light or heavy gauge metal, subfloor, and wood to wood applications. Learn how to use the SuperDrive SDN7 screw gun attachment below.


    ~ The Nail Gun Depot Team

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  • Video Spotlight: See Senco Composite Fasteners In Action

    The plastic polymer base for Senco composite fasteners allows these nails and staples to do some pretty neat things - things your average metal fastener can't do. These composite fasteners can be sanded, shaped, and cut without damage to router bits, cutting blades or sanding belts. Senco also claims they offer "superior holding power, excellent processing characteristics, and long-term resistance to chemicals, sunlight, and moisture." A major advantage we see at first look, no rust, corrosion or staining with these plastic nails and staples. According to Senco, their composite finish nails hold up to two-times stronger than similar sized steel nails, BUT Senco also notes adhesives will do the heavy lifting after curing. Our take, these fasteners - particularly the composite finish and brad nails - are ideal for holding materials in place while adhesives cure. Even better, the non-metal material can be sanded or cut once the adhesive has completely set; meaning you can either leave them in place without fear of corrosion, or sand them down without damaging your tool. Watch to learn more, or get the full write up here: Senco Introduces Composite Tool & Fastener Line.

    ~ The Nail Gun Depot Team

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  • Product Video: Senco Fusion Cordless Pneumatic Nailers

    Senco Fusion finish nailers have become one of the most recognized cordless pneumatic finish and trim nailers in their class. The Senco Fusion packs innovation, technology and power - all in one handy cordless tool. Find out why you should try Senco Fusion - here on the Nail Gun Network.

    If you read up on tools and fasteners, you've seen the Senco Fusion line featured in magazines such as Popular Mechanics, Journal of Light Construction, Tools of the Trade, This Old House and many more. A cordless finish nailer recognized for its features, performance and quality, the Senco Fusion stands out.

    Want to know what sets the Senco Fusion apart from its competition? Senco Fusion tools feature an 18 volt lithium ion battery, which guarantees longer charge life with less down time. With a quick-charge system in place, you can renew 80 percent of your battery charge in only 15 minutes. Drive up to three nails per second with no waiting, with a battery range up to 500 nails per charge!

    Features include a safety time out, precise depth of drive adjustment, bump fire operation, reversible belt hook, and LED work light. Senco cordless design allows access in hard to reach areas without cords or hoses. Snap the battery into place, and you are ready to nail finish and trim woodwork, baseboards, cabinets, paneling and more. The Senco Fusion is available in four different model types, a 15 Gauge Finish Nailer (5N0001N), 16 Gauge Straight Finish Nailer (6U0001N), 16 Gauge Angled Finish Nailer (5P0001N), and 18 Gauge Brad Nailer (6E0001N).


    ~ The Nail Gun Depot Team

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