Dewalt Gets Slap Happy With New Lightweight Tacker

We find ourselves talking more and more about new Dewalt tools on the Nail Gun Network, and today is no exception, as we introduce the recently launched DWHT75900 carbon fiber hammer tacker. For those who think there's nothing special about a slap stapler, Dewalt is ready to smack that notion to the curb.

Dewalt DWHT75900

The Dewalt DWHT75900 may look like a normal hammer stapler, but once you pick it up, you'll feel the immediate difference of its carbon fiber body. Rated by Dewalt at 45% reduced weight over comparable models, this hammer tacker is reported to use 25% less muscle exertion energy while in action, which keeps user fatigue to a minimum. Paired with a vibration absorbing hand grip, this carbon fiber composite slap stapler offers added comfort and ergonomics, for an overall boost in performance.

Dewalt DWHT75900

Other features on this Dewalt tacker include an "Auto-Lock, ANTIJAM" pinch latch to prevent staple jams, and drop-in magazine for quick and easy reloads. Spec'd at just 1.8 lbs, the Dewalt DWHT75900 runs standard T50 series 3/8" crown heavy-duty staples, including 5/16", 3/8", and 1/2" lengths. This hammer tacker can also be used with Dewalt DWHTTA700 series staples, or STANLEY TRA700 series staples, depending on brand preference. The tool is rated to run 450,000 strike cycles, which put in simpler terms, is a boatload of staples.

Dewalt DWHT75900

Perfect for installing roof paper, house wrap, carpet padding, insulation and more, the Dewalt DWHT75900 carbon fiber composite hammer tacker looks to be a real contender among the leaders in its class. Plus, did we mention Dewalt stands behind this stapler with their limited-lifetime warranty?

With a budget-friendly launch price - AND free shipping on Nail Gun Depot - you really can't go wrong giving this one a try.


~The Nail Gun Depot Team

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