If you’ve noticed your pneumatic nailer skipping, leaking air or acting sluggish, it might be time for a tune-up. O-rings are among several nailer components that are considered “wearable parts” and are usually not covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. So it bodes well (i.e. saves money in repairs) if you can replace them yourself.

By fixing your own tool, you gain a better understanding of how it functions. And in just half an hour’s time, your tool should be running like new again.

Paslode PowerMaster Nailer Rebuild Kit

We’re rebuilding a Paslode PowerMaster F350 using the 219235 PowerMaster Plus Tool Repair Kit. The kit's instructions are very helpful in rebuilding the Paslode's F-350S (#501000), F-350P (#515000), and F-250S-PP (#500855) air nailers. But, should you need a little visual aid, follow along with us. For extra help, see your specific tool’s manual for the parts diagram.


  • Gather the needed items, below, on a clean, flat surface.
  • Disconnect the tool from air supply, if you haven’t already, and remove any fasteners.
  • As you disassemble the parts, line them up, so you know which order to reassemble them.

What You’ll Need:

  • Paslode F350 PowerMaster Plus Tool Repair Kit (contains 9 O-rings, 1 cap gasket, 1 sleeve seal, 1 spring, silicone-based lubricant, instructions)
  • Paslode pneumatic tool oil
  • 3/16" hex key (Allen wrench)
  • Snap ring pliers
  • Pick tool or stick pin
  • Clean rag


1. Using the hex key or Allen wrench, unscrew the four bolts on the nailer cap. Pull off the old gasket.

2. Using a hex wrench, loosen and remove the head valve.

Removing Paslode PowerMaster Head Gasket

Main Valve O-Rings

3. Using the snap ring pliers, remove the snap ring.

4. Using a stick pin or pick tool, remove the two O-rings in the main valve.

5. Add the new O-rings and lightly grease with the silicone-based lubricant (219188).

Pro Tip: Use only silicone-based lubricant (grease) on the O-rings. Break grease and other types can clog your tool and cause the O-rings to swell.

6. Place the snap ring back in. Then, remove the old spring, and set it aside to replace later.

Paslode PowerMaster Nailer O-Rings and Snap Ring

Head Valve O-Rings

7. Using a stick pin or pick tool, remove the outer and inner O-rings on the cap.

8. Using a clean rag, wipe out the old grease on the cap.

9. Replace the outer O-ring, and lightly grease it.

Removing an O-ring with stick pin

10. Remove the inner O-ring and replace with the new. Apply a thin layer of grease to the inner O-ring.

11. Now, replace the old spring with new (500407). Set the head valve atop the spring.

12. Apply Paslode tool oil to the outer and inner O-rings.

13. Press the head valve on the spring, pushing down a few times to work the oil in.

Post O-Rings

14. Remove the old O-ring on the post. Add a new O-ring to the post and grease it.

15. Put the post back into the head valve and use a hex wrench to tighten it.

Removing Paslode F350 Piston Assembly

Piston Sleeve O-Rings

16. Remove the piston sleeve, then remove the piston inner assembly.

17. Remove the sleeve seal. If the seal is stubborn, use a flat-head screwdriver to pry it off.

18. Replace the sleeve seal with the new one, popping it into place.

Replacing Paslode PowerMaster Sleeve Seal

Flange O-Rings

19. Remove the flange. You may have to tap gently with a mallet to loosen it.

20. Remove the fist O-ring from the piston sleeve, then remove the second.

21. Replace with the new O-rings. Grease only the top O-ring. The bottom O-ring has holes under it that allow air to escape when the tool is functioning, so it should not be greased.

22. Pop the flange back in.

Paslode PowerMaster Rebuild: Grease only the top O-ring

Main Body O-Ring

23. Remove the O-ring in the body (outer flange) of the tool. Put the new O-ring into the body, resting it on the inner “ledge.” Apply a thin layer of grease to the O-ring.

Paslode PowerMaster Rebuild Instructions

24. Put the cylinder back into the tool body, snapping it into place.

25. Remove the piston O-ring. In this case only, you’ll apply grease to the O-ring BEFORE you place it on the tool. Once greased, place it on the piston.

26. Place the piston driver assembly back in the tool. Make sure that the piston driver’s bevel tip is pointing in the right direction, facing the nailer handle and magazine.

Paslode PowerMaster Rebuild Kit Beveled Edge of Piston Driver Assembly

Pro Tip: if the beveled edge of the driver is not correctly placed, nails will jam/skip when firing.

27. Put in the new gasket, either side facing up

28. Replace tool's cap, lining up the stud to fit into the notch. Tighten the screws snugly on the cap. Do not over-tighten.

Test Firing the Nailer

Add tool oil to your nailer and reinsert fasteners. Then do a few test fires on a scrap piece of wood to ensure the gun shoots properly and leaks are resolved.

These instructions coincide with the following tools only: Paslode F-350S (#501000), Paslode F-350P (#515000) and Paslode F-250S-PP (#500855). For additional information, contact an authorized service center. You can find this and other Paslode nail gun repair kits on Nail Gun Depot.


~ The Nail Gun Depot Team