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Important Information For Duo-Fast Customers

If you work within the cabinet, furniture or flooring industries, big changes may be coming your way, as we wave goodbye to a major segment of the Duo-Fast brand. Recently announced by Duo-Fast corporate, the brand will be phasing out most of its finish and upholstery tools, and related fasteners - effective immediately in some cases. Categories directly affected will include construction staplers and upholstery staplers.
To minimize the potential impact of this transition, several manufacturers have come forward with comparable replacement items. A key player in this transition, OMER USA will continue producing many of the industry-leading Duo-Fast SureShot tools, but with OMER's unique green body color - and rest assured, the OMER variant will be just as sturdy and reliable as it's Duo-Fast twin.
Duo-Fast To OMER

What This Means For You?

Nail Gun Depot will begin transitioning to several of the OMER replacement tools, as can be found when visiting the OMER brand page on our site. The first phase of this transition is currently underway, as we continue to add OMER replacement items when they become available. Meanwhile, we will still offer Duo-Fast tools and fasteners until all inventory has been permanently depleted.
Because of the limited-notice, we do anticipate a run on certain Duo-Fast products affected by this major event, and advise to order early. Availability is not guaranteed, though we are in the process of sourcing direct replacement products to fill any gaps left in our inventory lineup - both tools and fasteners affected.
As we enter a new chapter with Duo-Fast, we will continue to add replacement products - and update our customers - as new information becomes available. Please check the Nail Gun Network periodically, for everything you need to know about this transition. We will provide real-time updates as new information surfaces.
~The Nail Gun Depot Team
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