What's A Corrugated Tool?

What's a corrugated fastening tool? To start, we must first debunk a myth.
Spotnails XC1008
The term corrugate lends itself to be mistaken for the cardboard material typically used in packaging. Surprisingly enough, corrugated tools have very little to do with corrugated material. Instead, these tools are recognized by the unique corrugated fastener they use, which has a similar shape to the ripples in corrugated cardboard. Functioning similarly to a staple, corrugated fasteners are designed to draw joints in wood framing together.
Spotnails Corrugated Tool Nose
So when would you use a corrugated tool? Corrugated tools are primarily used in applications where two joints are being drawn together, such as butt joints in cabinet and furniture frame building, truss construction, picture frame assembly, wood box building, and pallet assembly and repair. With double the holding strength of a regular nail or staple, thanks to their unique design, corrugated fasteners can be used in both hard and soft wood.
Senco Corrugated Fasteners
Ready to see what's out there? Corrugated fastening tools are not nearly as common as many of the nailers and staplers you are probably familiar with, but several manufacturers do offer models of this type tool - so there are options to compare. Spotnails offers several popular models of corrugated fastening tool, including the XC1008 (replaced by Spotnails X1C1008), XC1016 (replaced by Spotnails X1C1016) and RC1016. Senco's Senclamp tools are also popular among corrugated fastening users. Other options include tools from BeA, UFFY and more - making joint fastening easier than ever.
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