What's a corrugated tool, you ask? To start with, we must first debunk a myth. The term "corrugated" is understandably often mistaken for the material typically used in packaging. But a corrugated tool isn't used to make cardboard boxes.


So What Is It, Then?

The word "corrugated" means to have alternating ridges or grooves. Corrugated tools are named for the unique fasteners they drive, which feature a ridged shape. For two very different examples, check out the Sencor X04NRA 1-1/4" corrugated fastener, directly below, or Spotnails FFSMICRO12 1/2" crown corrugated fastener, far below. Corrugated fasteners function similarly to a staple, using a thin piece of metal to form a connection. In this case, the fasteners draw wood joints together.



Twice the Holding Power

Corrugated fasteners are primarily used in joint fastening applications, such as with miter joints or butt joints. Applications include cabinet and furniture framing, truss construction, picture frame assembly, wood box building, and pallet assembly and repair. In fact, corrugated fastening tools are sometimes referred to as a "miter nailers." With double the holding strength of a regular nail or staple, corrugated fasteners can be used in both hard and soft wood.

Spotnails X1C1008

Choosing a Corrugated Tool

Corrugated fastening tools are not nearly as common as the nailers and staplers you're probably familiar with, but several manufacturers offer models of this type tool. Spotnails has several popular models of corrugated fastening tool, including the XC1008 (replaced by Spotnails X1C1008), and Seco has the Senclamp sC1XP,  and you may also want to peruse the BeA W Type corrugated tool. 

To see a corrugated nailer in action, watch this video from BeA and ToolSelect.com.

~ The Nail Gun Depot Team