Introducing The Hitachi NR38AK Metal Connector Nailer

New from Hitachi, a compact joist hanging nailer, the NR38AK Strap-Tite metal connector nailer seems to frame the future for metal hardware nailers. Find out more about this tool, its features and benefits - all on The Nail Gun Network.
Hitachi NR38AK
The biggest difference between the all-new Hitachi NR38AK and existing Hitachi NR65AK2 and NR65AK2(s) models - range of fastener. While the NR65AK2 can run 1-1/2" to 2-1/2" metal connector nails, the Hitachi NR38AK Strap-Tite metal hardware nailer is limited to 1-1/2" paper strip metal connector nails only. However, what it might lack in range it makes up in versatility, featuring a narrow (lightweight) body - designed to fit into tight spaces, an adjustable air deflector, and a sequential drive mechanism to ensure precise nail placement. The Hitachi NR38AK offers a built-in secure grip, dry-fire lockout for assured nail placement, and a positive safety that allows the tool to use the nail tip as its guide - without damaging collation. This Hitachi nailer excels in applications involving metal framing hardware, joist hangers, wall bracing and strap ties. Bundle all that with Hitachi's five-year warranty for added peace of mind. Our verdict, the Hitachi NR38AK combines the best in power, price and practicality for its segment.
~The Nail Gun Depot Team
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