"Find out how Shelby Erectors is using technology to increase productivity and reduce physical strain on the job site."

In a recent webinar with MAX and Shelby Erectors, a bridge rebar and metal deck specialist in the rebar and construction industry, we learned about the challenges and benefits of using MAX rebar tiers in the field.

“We've been told that being a rodbuster is one of the hardest jobs out there. It's not for everyone but if you have grit and determination this is a lucrative career.” [link]

Shelby Erectors has been exposed to MAX rebar tiers since the late 1980s, when the company was founded by Jack Nix’s father. At that time, the batteries needed to be charged frequently, which was a barrier to adoption. However, as the technology has improved, Shelby Erectors has seen the benefits of using MAX tiers in their work.

One of the main challenges facing the industry today is a shortage of skilled labor. As experienced workers age out of the field, it can be difficult to attract young people to the trade. Jack and Shelby Erectors have found that using rebar-tying guns can help with productivity in the face of a diminishing workforce.

In addition to increasing productivity, Shelby Erectors has also implemented a paperless system in their company. They are always looking for tools that can help reduce the physical strain of the job, and have found that using MAX rebar tiers can increase ties per man hour from 225 using only hands to 620 using the rebar guns.

The company has also recently upgraded to the Stand Up TwinTiers, which they have found to be faster and easier to use. They have also noticed an improvement in battery life, with the ability to charge the tiers overnight instead of on the job site. This has made a big difference in terms of reliability and durability.

NOTE: The MAX RB401T-E Li-Ion Stand Up TwinTier Rebar Tying Tool Kit and the Max RB441T TwinTier Cordless Rebar Wire Tier are both cordless rebar tying tools that allow users to tie rebar quickly and efficiently. The RB401T-E features a stand-up design and is powered by a lithium-ion battery, while the RB441T has a compact and lightweight design and is also powered by a lithium-ion battery. Both tools can be used in conjunction with the MAX PJRC160 rebar cutter, which allows users to easily cut rebar to the desired length before tying.

Shelby Erectors is focused on training and helping the industry write training materials. They see the importance of passing down knowledge and skills to the next generation, and believe that treating the trade as a career rather than just a job can help attract more people to the field.

In addition to their work in the field, Shelby Erectors have also been featured on the TV show "Dirty Jobs," which has brought attention to their work and the importance of skilled labor in the construction industry. They worked with host Mike Rowe to demonstrate how quickly someone can learn on the job using MAX tiers.

Overall, Jack Nix and Shelby Erectors see the value in using technology and tools like MAX rebar tiers to improve productivity, safety, and reliability in the field. They encourage other companies in the industry to conduct a cost analysis and consider whether MAX could be a beneficial investment for their team.