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  • Nail Guns - Past To Present

    Nail guns are pivotal to the construction, renovation and manufacturing industries. Without them, production time would increase significantly - and cost to manufacture would go up, but how did these tools come to exist? And how have they progressed over the last 50+ years? Instead of looking at new tools, this week let's step into the past - and see the nailers (and brands) that paved the way for the pneumatic and cordless tools we have today.
    We start in the early 1950's, an era known in the United States for post-war prosperity. Service men were home, and were using technology from the battlefield to improve the quality of everyday life during peacetime. With American suburbs popping up sporadically (and fast), home builders needed something more than the hammer and nail to keep up with demand. Likewise, a group of men discovered that the technology behind their machine guns from WWII could be applied to a pneumatic powered tool, the nail gun. Pneumatic staplers were introduced long before the nailer became popular, although both tools run using similar principals of operation.
    Senco Pinner Ad from the 1950's
    Brands including Paslode, Bostitch and Senco were quick to adopt the technology - although many credit Paslode with developing and launching the first successful pneumatic nailer in the 1970's, the Charger SK-312. The type of fastener that each nailer ran also progressed over time, as new technology such as paper tape strip nails (and other forms of collated fasteners) became available. As time and technology advanced, we eventually saw the release of cordless nailers - otherwise known as battery or gas powered nail guns.

    What's next on the horizon for nail gun technology? How can we improve on the tools and fasteners we use today? These are questions that constantly make their way through the research and development labs at these and other manufacturers. Despite the field of work, everyone has their own preference of nail gun manufacturer. While we don't favor one brand to another, Nail Gun Depot offers the best selection of all major nailer and stapler manufacturers. 

     ~ The Nail Gun Depot Team

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  • How To Maintain A Paslode Cordless Framing Nailer

    Maintaining and cleaning a cordless nailer takes about 15 minutes, once every 6 months or 50,000 nails—that’s all. To keep a Paslode cordless framing nailer in prime condition, watch the step-by-step Paslode video.


    You'll Need the following:

    A lint-free rag is important to keep particles form entering the tool. Always practice safety when cleaning your cordless finish nailer. 

    Be sure to remove battery, fuel, and nails from the tool prior to cleaning. 


    Maintenance Steps

    Clean - Grab your tool cleaner. Begin removing dirt and residue from the filter, cylinder head assembly and combustion chamber.

    Oil - Oil your motor assembly sleeve, seal rings and combustion chamber.

    Reassemble - Make sure that all screws are tight. Loose screws can result in personal injury or malfunction. For example, a loose nose could cause your nailer to fire multiple nails.

    Test - Make sure everything is in working order. It's normal for the tool to release a small amount of smoke. If something's malfunctioning, however, consult the product manual or contact Paslode Tech Support.


    Pro Tips:

    • Don’t forget to check the expiration date on the fuel cells. An expired fuel cell can affect cordless nailer performance.
    • These steps and video are for Paslode cordless framing nailers, specifically the CF325-Li (replaced by thCF325XP Cordless Framing Nailer). Always consult your tool's specific manual.


    ~ The Nail Gun Depot Team

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