Electricians, prepare to shine a light on fastening tasks. Now available, the Dewalt DCN701 Cordless Cable Stapler, a must-have for those who install cable, can be found at Nail Gun Depot. The 20V MAX cable stapler quickly and efficiently fastens Romex brand and low-wattage cables, without over-driving the staple.

Installing Cable with the Dewalt DCN701 Cordless Stapler

The Dewalt DCN701 cable stapler drives the brand's proprietary 1” insulated cable staples (DRS18100), and does so at least twice as fast as hand-hammering. Featuring an onboard work light, the tool provides illumination for the pro installer. It also saves fingers--and about 30 minutes of labor each day.

Features of the Dewalt DCN701 20V MAX Cable Stapler

Dewalt has really thought out this electrician's stapler. First of all, the body is compact enough to fit into tight spaces. It stands 12” tall, 7.75” long and 3” wide, so it can access spaces where cord and wire are typically situated. It’s also lightweight at just 4.7 lbs (minus the battery), as reported by Dewalt. We weighed the tool and it came to 4.85, and 5.60 lbs. with the battery. 

Dewalt DCN701D1 Cordless Cable Stapler Kit witg Battery

As mentioned earlier, another feature on the DCN701 stapler is the center-mounted LED work light, which illuminates your work while eliminating shadows. The headlight turns on when the trigger is activated or when the wire indicator is depressed. It automatically shuts off after 20 minutes if the tool is not in use.

A proprietary cable guide on the nose keeps the tool positioned accurately so the staples hit the desired mark. The two-pronged guide (and wire indicator) is depressed when you push the tool firmly against a cable and pull the trigger. This method keeps the tool from accidentally driving a staple into the cable.

The headlight on the Dewalt Cable Stapler

Other conveniences include an adjustable belt hook that can be placed on the right or left side, an extended trigger to make firing easier in various orientations, dry-fire lockout which activates after the last staple is fired, and a low-battery indicator. The magazine holds 35 staples and the trigger offers sequential firing only.

Battery & Fasteners for the Cable Stapler

The Dewalt cable stapler runs on 20V MAX Li-Ion battery. The stapler is available as a bare tool (DCN701B) or as a kit complete with battery, charger, and soft-sided bag (DCN701D1). The battery included in the kit is a 20V MAX DCB203, which features an extended run time versus standard 20V battery packs. This particular battery charges fully in 35 minutes and has a 3-light LED fuel gauge system.

As mentioned, the 20V cable stapler is specifically designed to drive DRS18100 1” insulated cable staples that feature a 3/4” crown. The staples are intended to attach NM-B sheathed (primarily Romex brand) cable and wires. The compatible UL approved cable ranges from 14- to 10-gauge wire. Check out the single- and double-stacked cable combinations in the chart, below.

Ul Approved Cable Combinations for the Dewalt 20V MAX Cable Stapler

Compliant with the National Electric Code, the staples are also suitable for low-voltage cables such as CAT3, CAT5 and coaxial. The tool fires approximately 1,600 staples per charge, enough to last up to a week for a pro electrician, says Dewalt. The staples are sold 540 per pack.

The Dewalt DCN701 stapler is designed for firing into wood, including laminated veneer lumber (LVL) or truss joist I-beams (TJI). The tool manual does note, however, that additional force is necessary to seat the staple when firing into these materials.

Insulated Cable Staples for the the Cordless Cable Stapler from Dewalt

To learn more about the Dewalt cable stapler or to order, contact customer service at Nail Gun Depot. To see it in action, here is a dynamic video of the cable stapler from Dewalt.

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