When you hear the word hog ring, a fastener is probably not the first object that comes to mind. Hog ring tools are not necessarily the most common item in a DIY workshop, but hog rings play an important role in almost everyone's daily life—from the car seat you sit on to wire fencing and mesh bags.


Similar to a staple gun, these tools drive C-shaped collated fasteners or "hog rings," which are used to attach wire, fabric and other materials and lock them in place. You might hear someone refer to a hog ring plier as a bag closing stapler or hog ringer, as these tools are commonly used to close and seal a bag or sack. Hog rings are often used for applications that include automotive seat manufacturing, mattresses, wire cages, and plant and pot tagging.

To maneuver most hog ring tools, set the width of the jaws (when closed), then open the jaws by pulling the handles on the pliers. Affix the hog ring and jaws over the area in need of fastening and squeeze the handles to activate the tool.

HogRingFastenerPhotoBosttich hog rings

Now that we know what a hog ring tool is and how it it's used, let's look at some of the options that are available on the market. For some of the best tools you can buy, look at Bostitch's selection of hog ring tools. Bostitch SC7 Series hog ring tools (as shown, above) are time tested, and have a strong track record for optimal performance. These hog ring tools are designed for heavy-duty use in manufacturing or construction.

For smaller projects that don't justify the extra expense of an industrial grade tool, Bostitch also offers manual hog ring tools, including the HFP9 manual bag closer & wire fence hog ring tool (shown belowand P7 Collated manual ring plier. While these manual tools do come with some limitation to their range of application, they are generally the preferred models for the do-it-yourselfer who is caging a home garden or attaching signs to fencing.


Do you know which hog ring tool is right for you? Contact our customer service team with your application and we'll pair you with a tool to get the job done right.

~ The Nail Gun Depot Team