The First-Ever AAA Battery-Powered Nailer Is Here

A game changer in finish and trim woodworking, have you heard about Grex Power Tools' all-new GC1850 cordless brad nailer? An industry first, the Grex cordless brad nailer boasts a compact design – without sacrificing power, quality or versatility.

Grex GC1850

Innovative yet practical, the GC1850 is powered by 2 AAA alkaline batteries and an individual fuel cartridge. The tool is rated to run at least 50,000 shots per battery life-cycle, while each Grex fuel cartridge holds approximately 1,300 shots of odorless compressed gas – with no expiration date. Eliminating a bulky battery, the Grex GC1850 is comparable in size and weight to most other pneumatic brad nail guns.

Grex Cordless Comparison Side-By-Side

Protected by a robust metal body, and engineered for easy, low-cost maintenance, this Grex 18 gauge brad nailer also features the following key points:

  • Self-lubricating piston ring and cylinder; Easy driver replacement
  • All-metal body for better durability, reliability and heat dissipation
  • Power to sink two inch brad nails into two inch thick Oak
  • Safety nose with No-Mar tip
  • Anti dry-fire lock-out with ability to adjust driving power

Grex Cordless Comparison

The GC1850 addresses an age-old concern among trim carpenters and woodworkers - the need for a lightweight, cordless finish nailer. One matching the benefits of other competing models – without sacrificing the ergonomics of an air tool. This Grex cordless is the first to do both.

Grex GFC01 Fuel Cell

MSRP for the Grex GC1850 is $499, though you can find it on Nail Gun Depot with a $438 launch price. Fuel cells are available in packs of four, which run about $25.

Need to see more? Check out this "Quick Start" video tutorial demonstrating how to use the Grex GC1850.

So, is it time to get your Grex on?

~The Team At Nail Gun Depot

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  • Erik Williamson April 27, 2016 at 7:26 AM

    This will be a compliment to my Paslode 16 gauge finish nailer.

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