Paslode HardieNails: No Studs Required

Will a new siding fastener transform fiber cement siding installation?

In partnership with Paslode, James Hardie Building Products created HardieNails, a patented 1-1/8” long fastener that attaches siding without the need to hit a stud. The manufacturers have designed a nail that’s shorter but stronger, so it doesn’t need to be driven as deeply.

So, how does it work?

HardieNails Studless Siding Fasteners from Paslode and JamesHardie

Revolving, Evolving HardieNails

With standard nails, you run the risk of puncturing electrical wire or plumbing behind sheathing (known as a “shiner”). Not so with HardieNails. These fasteners use the same technology behind TetraGRIP Subfloor Fasteners, which work like a screw by rotating into the material. The distinctive threading is based on the barbed helix design of the TetraGRIP Subfloor Fastener, as can be found in our Paslode TetraGRIP Article.

Unlike ring-shank nails, which are commonly used for siding, HardieNails will not split wood or shred wood-based sheathing. Essentially they create a “lock” into the material, so there’s less “play” or movement, even as weather and time affect materials. The nails are used exclusively with the lightweight Paslode TG100CSN Coil Siding Nailer, featuring Paslode TetraGRIP technology. The 0° fasteners come 120 per coil and can be driven (at a pressure between 100 PSI and 120 PSI) with the same speed as nails.

HardieNails are made of type 304 stainless steel for superb weather resistance. Without chance of staining or streaking, popping and corrosion, they’ll outlive and outperform galvanized ring shank nails, extending the life of the overall siding project.

With HardieNAILS, Studs Need Not Apply

HardieNails boast a 0.300 full round head, .117 diameter and the same withdrawal strength as a 2-1/4” nail. The fastener’s engagement in the wood creates a mechanical bond, which imparts a high-load capacity, so there’s actually no need to attach them to a stud. Instead, the fastener uses 7/16 wood structural panels (WSP) as the base to attach to frame. Workers can shave even more time off installation, as there’s no need to locate and mark studs.

The manufacturers of HardieNails report that just 35-85% of the nails hit the studs. Instead, these nails fasten directly to OSB (Oriented Strand Board Sheathing). You also don’t have to measure and cut planks to fit on the studs. Simply apply the off-cuts in the next course, without cutting further. This means less product waste as well.

A look at how the HardieNAILs fasten to siding

Imagine the savings in time, money and manpower when a siding crew can skip the stud-finding and marking steps. To give you a better idea, Paslode estimates a 20% reduction in installation time. That’s according to a study comparing standard nails and HardieNails, when installing HardiePlank Lap Siding.

HardieNails Compatibility

A combination of sand, cellulose fibers and cement, fiber cement has been used as a siding material for more than a century. Most commonly known as HardieBoard in North America, it was developed by James Hardie Industries in the 1980s, when the prevailing reinforcement material (asbestos) was determined to be unsafe.

HardieNails are compatible with all HardieBoard siding options, including HardiePlank, HardiePanel and HardieShingle. Lap and panel siding are 5/16” thick, while the shingle panel siding is 1/4” thick. With each of these options, fasteners are placed as follows for moderate basic wind speeds:

• Place fastener 1” from top edge and 3/8”-1-1/2” from the ends of lap siding
• Place fastener every 16” o.c.
• Space butt joints at least 6” apart

• Place fasteners 3/8” to 1” from edge of panel vertical siding
• Place fastener every 12” x 12”

• Place fasteners 3/8” to 1” from edge of siding from the edge of shingle siding
• Place fastener every 16”

Details on the Paslode HardieNAIL System

For a technical data sheet on the HardieNail, click here. The fasteners can also be used with plywood and Huber Engineered ZIP. You can expect the same withdrawal strength with those materials as well, says Paslode.

The HardieNail offers many advantages over standard siding nails, preventing damage to utility wires, greatly reducing installation time and effort, and producing less material waste--similar to TetraGRIP subfloor fasteners. As of now (8/2019), the TetraGRIP TG100CSN Coil Siding Nailer and HardieNails are now available for sale online!


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